CK themes you'd want

What kind of ck themes would you want? So far there are a few overall themes (ravager, syndicate, whatever the thing is with the Ceasar ck, blizzard ck and heat wave ck and all other weapons who can get the same kind of a look)

I’d want to see many parts get a junkyard ck look, where the parts would look like they were put together by hand in a scrapyard, a homemade version of a part, with obvious junk pieces, maybe awkward shapes because it’s all build from literally scrap metal and so on.

Another theme could be a battle damaged theme, where the ck just makes the base model of the part look a bit more dented or damaged than usual but otherwise does not change anything too much.

Then there could also be a Six Frags ck theme where it’s silly stuff, like there is a teddy bear strapped on the annihilator, a cab might look like a head of a large mascot character, a wheel could be a shoe wheel like pic related


I’ve asked a few times in the past for them to do each cab, weapon, and module in each faction’s style just to get the basics out of the way… I really wouldn’t mind seeing a factory new CK style kind of the opposite of the junkyard look. I’d agree battle damaged would be kind of nice too (though some of that can be covered via paint textures). It would be nice if they had some that matched the other already existing CKs they have out too.

They really need to work out a better method of getting the CKs though too. Right now it’s just BP, Presents, I’m sorry gifts, and the store.


CK removing the bottom 2 barrels of the Punisher, so it can actually be armored -_-

I just wish the drones and mine layers would get a skin. How many weps are left that have no skin options at all? They all deserve some love.

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I want trick or treater CKs for drones, like ghosts, witches, and skeletons, or some jack o’lantern CKs for my fuzes.

A self destruct CK that made the explosion look like a fiery scull from heck, or a big wet sticky splat…or a nice quiet poof of feathers.

A CK for the Hot Rod that makes it look just like the Bat. Then I can have a Bat that looks just like the HotRod (Wunderbar), and a Hot Rod that looks like the Bat. Makes sense, right?

A Train CK (steam-engine) for the Bastion, with matching CKs for small tracks to extend the effect.

I suppose those are more like specific examples than a theme. If I was to choose a theme, I’d go with steampunk, or 1950’s retro sci-fi, like the Fallout franchise I suppose, or vintage popular science.

The have already exploited that theme to an extent, I think, so I would just encourage them to keep going in that direction.

After looking at those old Popular Science pics, I’m certain I could reproduce that look in Crossout with many of the parts already in game. The artistic styles are very similar, I think.

More of that would be great. Artistically, I think this game has always gone the right direction. It’s really hard for me to complain about how this game looks and feels.


rocket and missile and porc ck’s of Angry Birds

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these are juicy ideas you have

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id like an actual “glass cannon” skin for the typhoon / tsunami / cannons in general. i think it would make the pun all the more worth the facepalm xD

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Adapters and Quasars off of the top of my head

Food themed ck could be a thing, since we already have donuts, ice cream cones, candy canes etc as decoration items and one of the christmas packs had the sugar icicle wheels ck for the shiv

Imagine sinuses disguised as big candy canes or a fuze drone carrying a big ice cream decor instead of a barrel. Flying donut ck for flying drones, swiss roll omni wheels, cupcake hubcaps, a cab deco with cake icing

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The look on a wasteland veterans face, sitting in his lovingly crafted with blood, sweat and tears war machine of extreme intimidation and maximum mad maxness, about to be annihilated by a missile with a cooked turkey duct taped to the front, shot out with a side order of salad, from a ha ha funny car with huge glowing donuts on the roof


and when the missile explodes it just explodes into dozens of vegetables. xD


Gothic theme, we already have a few hanging lamps that fit the theme and the rose hubcaps, could be cool to have gothic ck’s for a few cabs and guns. And not like low key gothic with a few black paints and such but full on


I just want to be able to buy the gothic pack or the parts that already exist.

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