Ckeck this out

see the first couple of seconds.

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Apparently people posted manuals and stuff about tanks, shells, and planes in Warthunder to backup there claims for realism.

yeah, that was a pretty big thing most everyone heard about. Was round about the time the original Crossout Forum got nuked. This one were using now is the back-up forum.

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I laughed so hard when i heard this, OMG.

People uploaded specs and manuals of the actual stuff, to prove 1+1 that stuff should be balance in a specific way.
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This was the first thing that came in my mind.


That dude called the entire comminity dumb while streaming about the game. Thats an ignorant streamer right there.

Its an old story, Youre little bit late, it was 2yrs ago. :person_facepalming:
Funny vids btw :love_you_gesture:

You are seeing this dude outside a context.
But believe me, once in that context you would understand.

Some of the animals

Ah. Yup that makes sense. The first vid had me thinking, this guy is probably a crazy trashbag but i made my comment lighter because i didnt know for sure. Wow安hat a terrible person he is圬ude has no sense of priorities. He just yells at players for not being as good as he wants them to be.

He reminds me of a guy who had his name changed because it was inapropriate. A guy name ou8mybulletsboy. That guy got mad at me in a cw match because an enemy wedged him and carried him away. I followed them and killed the enemy but the enemy pwned the crap out of him. He proceeded to crap talk and yell at me his clanmate. Like安hat am i gonna do to get him unwedged on my hover scorp other then to shoot the enemys explodey bits and kill him like i did? And he was carrying him at like 100km/h i could barely keep up on my omnibox.

Just dumb angry people. I miss my scorps. But my controller has way too much stick drift to use scorps now. When stick drift started i would have a shot lined up and as i shot my ret woul drift all of a sudden off the target. I had no idea what was hapoening at first.

If you do a little digging you will even find that Target Games financially supports military groups.

Man, i get it, only been there, you would understand.

There are players after thousands or tens of thousands battles played that dont get the mechanics, and im talking about simple and basic things (i gave you two examples in the end) to try to convey, nothing extraordinary.
There are players that go from Tier 1-4 to tier 10 without going through a learning curve and that will impact all the other players in things like economics, very short battles, fun and so on.
This guys, as well as many others CCs, tried it all.
Teaching how to play, how positioning works, detection, mechanics, going through all the available lines from t1 to t10, how to aim and so on
Nothing worked. The potatoes always will be potatoes
He was always a bit sarcastic, but he knows what hes talking about.
you seemed a bit shocked but things has its context.
The way we treated our CCs its different, ranging from stream sniping to focus fire every time a new ship comes along. Very toxic player base.
like everyone sinking a specific ship regardless if its on your team or in the other team (Puerto Rico its a long story) Dev teams saving patchs under the name FU (name).
One thing i can tell you, seeing an entire flank being melted down in less than a blink of the eye its not fun.

I didnt know that.

and the妃ilitary groups
A bit awkward.

I dont even want to ask which ones, i think the proper question is

Im going to have to dip out of this conversation.

The powers that be dont like it.

Do your research :slight_smile:

I wanted to say it after Tenshijn first comment but changed my mind, but after his next comment I have to say it :crazy_face:

Hes not a fast thinker guy I wouldnt say hes dumb but most of the time he just dont get the context, you have to forgive him :love_you_gesture: