Clan battle

So, i’m looking to the board of the weekly missions and i’m wiping it clean. No matter what fuel i need it.
Hard raids, done
Normal raids on the way.
Clan battles worth 450 badges alone.
Now i don’t pretend to became a competitive player but i’m ready to give it a go… for the badges.
I have two questions (i’m a plebe)

  • will i face the pros with über builds , meta damage dealers with tons of experience or will i meet people like me, other plebes just trying to get by?

  • AFAIK my clan is inactive for a while.
    In the other game where i came from we had competitive modes ranked battles and other clan tournaments (here is clan battles) and i participated in some of them the last one i won the Joly Roger of the bronze league.
    But even if one person was from another clan he could be recruited for a battle or more by other clan. He would be a mercenary (special statrus) it was like a borrowed player earning the rewards and stuff… a temporary player in that second clan.
    Is anything like this in here?

You will meet both. Although I think the players with Meta builds will be more common.

CW has gotten a lot more expensive in the last two years. And as a result, The CW pool has shrunk.
Also, fused legendary and relic items are the norm in CW.

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thank you.
So, no.
The best thing i can muster in the field i’m already using it in regular PVP/PVE.

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