Clan closing due to Inactivity

Ever tried to make a clan , The name you wanted was Taken. The clan appears to be in-active and closed. When all players become In-Active in a clan, That clan should go Invisible to search and leaderboards. Allowing that name to be Available for use without Disband of the Clan. Upon Return it will be given a Invisible number the Game Recognize example ( Dogs) upon return (Dogs)#0001 the #Number will be invisible only for game use to identify


It does piss me off that older players that don’t play anymore can trap clan tags and names.

But the invisible number thing will be abused to label multiple clans the same tags.

We do need a solution, but I’m not sure that is it.

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Yea some type of solution or they could just disband the Clan for inactivity must make room for the active . Your clan will be disband but hey it was there choice to stop playing

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This is most likely the best thing.

That’s kinda of dumb, I think active a certain time period of a whole clan being inactive it should be 100% deleted and it’s name etc should come back being available to be used again


This is a great idea. I think any clan tag should be up for dibs whenever the can hasn’t played in a month.

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you really want a clan name that’s been banned for cheating to be your clan name?
i think increasing the length of the clan name would help more(maybe try 5 or 6 characters)… :thinking:

I think there should be that option. On Xbox there are 120 or so active clans and 500 or so inactive clans. I imagine PC is much the same but with a larger player base so a lot of great tags are locked behind dead clans.

Yeah. WTF.
clan stealing is the plan?

I am against what I read here.

Yeah, so because my daughter had complications when my grandson was born and I didn’t log in for 2 months I could lose the clan I paid my 500 coin for? Because I took care of my daughter for 2 months??


I think people are talking about when whole clans become inactive for long stretches of time not just a player or two, least that’s what I mean, if a whole player base in a clan becomes inactive then yes that clan should be removed and it’s name etc should be able to be recycled, though I think half a year of inactivity should be allowed before forced shut down.

I mean, like a year might be ok.

What about members of the military? They get deployed for more than a month.

What if you have a seasonal job that you can’t log on for 3-6 months of the year?

What if they have an update that attracts old players to try it again?

What if I only log onto my PC account once a year to play the Dronapocalypse for ducks and paint?

Lol it’s not clan stealing we are human we have some of the same ideas and share some of the same names like (Dogs) for instants lol it’s Dog Fighters out there so I’m sure they would have the same idea has nothing to do with stealing someone’s Clan its about making a clan that repersents me. It can be many (Dogs) example .

(Dogs) Tiny
(Dogs) Wasteland
(Dogs) Beer Drinking

And yea people spend $500 on the clan but it’s not anyone fault but their own if they go In-Active the game must go on!!

Far as having a clan name that’s been banned for cheating …it’s a tag that’s probably in the Dictionary those people got banned and no one is trying to be like anyone or steal a name or tag !! You’re simply not the only one who represents that tag simple.

yes no one will take ur shitty tag anyways unless its smth actually good like H4TE, MUT3, LURE, D4MN etc
if no cw for 2 months the clan tag should be free to use simple

If I buy a TV for $500, and someone takes it just because I am not watching it, does not mean it isn’t stealing the tv.

Well allow someone to use your account for the first two
The third one gets this, you left the game and moved on, so did the game
The last one I’ll respond to it like this Who does that? And if someone does do that too bad so sad clan name goes to someone who’ll use it

Your reasons given to why a clan name/tags shouldn’t be recycled are not very good or don’t hold much water, especially the tv one as one is theft the other (unused names) is abandonment
Wasn’t trying to be rude with this reply, but it’s kinda like me leaving a 20$ bill on the ground walking away leaving it, someone seeing it and picking it up and me going back and saying to them it’s mine, well it isn’t anymore nor should abandoned tags/names