Clan confrontation and challenges

i want to point out something very flawed in this games challenges.

clan mode: confrontation
this mode is TIMED much like clan wars, which means it gets reset every week. but at the same time it means you only have a certain amount of time to get this done. in solo modes this is pretty bad. 50k damage in the confrontation mode? i just got to 5000 damage and running a vehicle at 8999 powerscore with remedies. still this is going to take alot of time. AND on top of this sometimes it doesnt give me the damage because i didnt score enough despite my damage numbers coming up or showing up. if you get killed right away despite getting hits on enemies you wont get anything, no score, no points, no advancement in your challenge, nothing.

but lets take into account something else. yes this mode can be completed BY YOURSELF, HOWEVER! getting 50k damage will take a long while and locking off all other challenges behind this one is a VERY dickish move. its basically saying “play pvp or your not getting the other challenges.”

this is absolute garbage! basically you NEED to do pvp to get your other challenges, but if you miss it well you need to wait until clan battles opens again! common devs what the hell!?

hold up, on top of this in the clan ranking system your challenges are locked off by RANK!
meaning i have to get a minimum of 5000 points to advance up to unlock more challenges, what the hell kind of system is this!?


I guess you also started a one person clan to access the challenges as a solo player?
I think I’m going to need to find at least one other person for my band, preferably someone who likes doing raids so that I don’t have to.

i love raids. though being solo is gonna be difficult for me. sigh…

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You don’t think it’s intentional? I now believe they want enough people to give up on the game so they can justify shutting it down.

After seeing what the daily mission rewards were, I said it wasn’t worth it, and tried playing 5 confrontation battles (after waiting 40 minutes for them to start). Well, I don’t own relics. I was wiped out in the first 30 seconds each time and had no chance to contribute ANYTHING to the team’s effort…NOTHING. My progression in this game is over. I’ll just play bedlam with whatever I have in my garage now. That’s it for me unless they revert this crap they threw at us.

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Are you on PS4?
My solo clan is 808x if you want to combine our efforts.

holy crap i didnt even notice they changed the dailies! WHAT THE HELL!?!?!
yeah its gotten to a point where i think the devs just dont care anymore.

it was like this for me to, except im seeing far to many people running them damned shotgun builds. its just annoying to deal with with them. but my first match i did some damage but it gave me nothing cause i was killed so fast. i did a few with 2 remedies and blight at 8999 ps and didnt come across any relics. but that damage counter is slow as hell.

i am on ps4 so ill apply i suppose though i dont join pvp at all really. but maybe we can get some things done.
edit: oh look at that i cant join your clan for 3 days even though i left my band. wow…

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You and poony are both on Playstation, party up gents!

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i would but i need to wait 3 days since i left my band… :unamused:

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That sucks, but find me after the timer expires.
I don’t care about doing any team stuff either. Just keep playing like you normally do and we’ll clear those challenges!

Edit: that goes for any other solo players on PS4 who want a clan where nothing is expected of them

i think they mustve changed it now because i can see all of the challenges on my list. LOL. some of them are pretty huge like 2 million damage but honestly thats no big deal. i like big challenges like that.
however the one thing that bugs me quite a bit is these challenges are only worth 50 badges. yeah thats ok if your in a big active clan but alot of them are pretty farfetched if your in a smaller clan or just solo.