Clan Confrontation Build tips?

Okay I got up to 7400+ finally in Clan Confrontation.

What does everyone recommend weapons / hardware for a good 9k ps build?
I want to break 8000+ points bracket in rating and its pretty challenging.

I have no relics but have enough coin for few Legendary.
Right now i been running Cyclones which are pretty good just hard to have much else on the build.
I know destructors are pretty good and the newer Athena weapon too.

What does do you people run that get Clan Confrontation ratings over 8000+???

If you cannot play meta play antimeta. Deal with Athenas and Porcs without being useless against any specific builds and you will do well. Do not play anything that has to fight fair against Athenas or Porcs. Cloak is non negotiable, you want to ruthlessly ambush meta builds; you have to.

Your movement is your MOST important asset. If you can’t kill them in less than 15 seconds you need full reverse speed at the very least. Strafing is also a huge plus. With mobility and the skill to effectively use it, you set the pace of fights, you become the guy that gets reacted to, not acted upon.

Omnis are the best but only if you reach their skill ceiling.
Gerridas are second, because they are 20kmh slower which means they won’t be rushing the middle of the map to decloak/cheap shot/hold ground.
Hovers are third because they are super fragile with only 4, super easy to push around and Omnis almost match them in speed anyway.

Any weapon will work if you fill your mobility requisites and are proficient with it, except drones. Drones are a WORTHLESS liability.

This is my staple as a solo; it has a KA1, Cloak, Hot Red, and an Averter.
Next I got joules, for when my teams dont run Dopplers or decloak. This one is experimental with an Argus but when I select it there are no porc/ kapkan/mine players on the enemy team. Its very good at decloaking, suppressing, and delancing.


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around that ps, i’ve found that setting up a build with lots of power buffs really helps. Getting a set of wheels with the least amount of power drain, and engine with the most power (plus a power +% from fusing really helps out). But it doesn’t stop with that. Setting up your rig to be able to plow through something is a must. I don’t mean wedge them but, straight up, plow through like a big rig through a Ford Escort. For that, I recommend slamming some of the passive melee up front, and make it like a small wall. It’ll not only act as a good plow (if you ever need to use it like that) but all that passive melee is really good at absorbing the hailstorm of bullets, so, yeah…it’s like you got a little bunker wall to hide behind at all times. Hope it helps!
edit, im on PC


You forgot to mention Atoms.

Also we got a bigram buff incoming :wink:

These are close but they are still slower, have a worse perk for doing damage, and they have the same awkward driving mechanics as the Omnis. Effectively you need Omni skill level for 10 less speed and no direct weapon boosting perk. But you do have a point with them being a contender. I will rank them as #2.

This is true however I think most people will stick with Gerridas because they are just too good atm being a 70km/h leg with hover acceleration. Bigrams require more effort to learn and play than Gerridas. I don’t know if they Camera steer in wheel mode either. That might be too much of a shock for most people to go from A/D steering to A/D strafing and mouse steering.

I never thought of that because I don’t use the new controls.

I also play bigram builds a lot.

When? What is the source?

I haven’t fully tested them yet but 4 Atoms seems better at turning than Omni.

At the very least they aren’t glued to place while turning and strifing at the same time.


Thx, for an info :+1:
I am very glad that they listened to some of my tips about daze and bigrams that I left for them in Faley reddit feedback magathread ,we’ll see what else they will also take into account in the future updates.

+1 for the devs in that change

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Find the cheesiest tactics available, copypaste the same meta build everyone uses from exhibition, pay real life money for le good guns like athena, never play solo, use voice chat with teammates

yeah i have a few decent builds, Just no relics yet. I been using Gerridas mostly and sometimes Omnis.

Not made a proper hover build yet. Need to get like 2 to 4 more hovers. I only have 4 at moment an dont feel that is going to be great.

You don’t need relics for Confrontation