Clan Confrontation..How do u earn points

'i’m confused on how we get points…
'i can get +600 points toward cofron,with only 400 match points.
but if i get 2000 match points i get ’ No +points toward confrontation…(WHY?)

*(it’s not about beating my own score either,it’s something else)

'do we need to just shoot off weapons to get points? this is what i was thinking.

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It’s points against your current 5 highest scores. If your not passing your own scores you don’t get points. When they show you something like +500 or whatever it’s the difference above one of those top scores that your seeing.

So basically after a while you will hit your theoretical skill limit point wise making it more difficult to progress.

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'No… i got 2000 points and all my scores are less than that,the lowest was 400,and i got no points…
this is on PC btw. i know when i see (+600 and my confron changes from 6000 to 6600 i get points.

‘problem is how are they scoring this…because it’s Not by your 5 scores you have’ there is no way !! :thinking:

This. +1

I played some games on Sunday, got over 9k total points and called it for the week.

No need to play this mode over and over unless you do it just for fun.

I get what your saying normal match point score and converting it to confrontation points… That’s still limited by the top 5 score outs though. I have yet to see what the ratio is other than I know confrontation matches and regular pvp matches have different ratio payouts. In one of the last few updates they increased the ratio for the basic pvp matches. Other than it being a basic ratio I’ve not seen any rules attached to it.

Change in ratio was: Small update, 31.08.2023 - News - Crossout

  • Now in PvP missions, the player earns 2 times more “Confrontation” rating than before.

Original specs were: [PC][PS][Xbox] Crossout: Under the sign of the dragon - News - Crossout

  • The personal rating of each individual member of a clan or a band is the sum of the results of the five best battles during the season. This means that you can constantly improve and try to earn as many points per battle as possible in order to increase your overall score and contribute more to the total rating. The current personal rating of the player is displayed in the list of clan members.
  • Personal rating is earned not only in the new “Clan confrontation” mode, but also in clan wars and missions (except for “Patrols”).
    • Even those players who don’t participate in clan wars or “Confrontation”, but play missions, help their clan to accumulate a rating and advance through the leaderboard.
    • As the requirements for participation in regular PvP battles are much lower than in clan wars or “Confrontation”, battles in regular missions bring 10 times less rating points.

So current ratio is 8x less between pvp and confrontation ratio

In parts one and two on the second listed news article there are no special rules attached to the scoring beyond the ratios and best matches of seasons that I already mentioned…

If the ratio is 5x for the confrontation mode points at 400 you’d see no gain.

omg’beat my own score of 400,when i get 2000…do i need 20,000 to beat 400?

At the start of the season to grab the ratio just divide the first match score out you get by the points awarded. It’s that simple. You would just need 2005 or what ever the next ratio increment is, if they are rounding down to beat 400.

I saw this happening to me.

I thought it was:

1: the mode was broken and not counting properly
2: I was queing for the wrong mode. At first I qued into confrontation from the News, but later I qued for regular scrap thinking I was still on confrontation.
3: My scores were not as high as I thought and did not actually affect the average.

and what I finally decided on:

4: It’s a goddam mystery. I went fishing.

If you figure this out, I would like to know. You describe what was happening to me.

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I stopped trying to explain the points awhile ago.

I know he pretty much didn’t want to listen last time either.

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What I’m confused about is the relationship of points scored in PVP and confrontation mode.

Last week I tried starting the week only doing PVP, using a new build that I didn’t expect to score high. As I expected, I kept adding to my score, even though my scores were relatively low. I thought I might be able to game the system by keeping my five best scores deliberately low before playing confrontation mode.

Then I played some confrontation mode, and raised my score a lot relatively quickly.

All that made sense to me, but when I went back to PVP and played a stronger build, it seemed like I couldn’t raise my score at all, even when beating my best confrontation games.

Also, the five scores we see when we hover over our name don’t seem to be the actual scores, unless maybe they’re just the top five confrontation scores.

That is what they are as far as I could tell, just the confrontation rating.
PVP ratings should be currently in ratio 8x less then those gained in confrontation mode.

It makes it so in pvp mode you would have to score about 8x times as high to see any progress after doing a few rounds of confrontation.



All of this stuff is in the patch notes.

Everything works as they have stated.

ive said this before and ill say it again: the ability to read and comprehend the updates/patch notes alone makes one a pro in this forum.

problem is, who can read here to challenge the monkey?

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Fishing > XO.

Honestly, I didn’t read the patch notes on this patch. Fail on my part.

Lol yeah, many people don’t read the notes or don’t understand half of what is written.

Then they come here looking for someone else to explain the notes to them in more basic terms, but because the explanation does not fit what they think the game should be they attack the person trying to explain instead of just saying thank you and being pissed at the dev team instead.

I guess I’m dumb because I read the patch notes and read the explanations here, and it’s still not clear to me.

At the beginning of the week, if you play one PVP match, will your confrontation score go up by the full amount of your score in that match?
Then when you play a second PVP match, will your score again go up by the full amount, until you’ve played five matches?
Then when you play confrontation, you multiply your score by 8, and you get the amount that’s over your previous lowest score?

And are the five scores we see just the amounts added to our confrontation total from our five best matches, or are they referring to the best scores in those matches?

For me, part of the confusion is that we’re using the words “score” and “points” to refer to the score/points obtained in a match, but also for the confrontation score/points that we receive for that match, and also for the total accumulated confrontation score/points.
It makes it confusing to tell what’s actually being said.

Anyway, for those that think they do understand the system, what would be the most efficient way to get your total confrontation rating the highest over the week? Should we jump straight into confrontation matches, or do some PVP first? Am I right in thinking that CW is the only way to get really big totals?

I am saddened people come to the forum for answers to questions about XO and assholes act like the trash they are.

The forum is here because of the game not you. It is meant to be a place to ask questions, get answers etc.

Gtfo if you don’t like answering questions about the game.

Why else are you here? To stroke your own insecurities?