Clan confrontation rating issues

Best of 5 is fine (otherwise it’d just be a no-lifing fest instead of a “I did good 5 matches lets go back to better games” fest), but I agree with Zarrurer that raids should reward some CC points. A crappy amount like regular PvP, but it should reward you a bit.


sometimes you get good points.
my new thing is to wait to play cc and do heli missions with my incs,it makes it easier. got this just now,

Incin’s broken. You get a single good shot on 3 people in CC, bam 2k points.

idk,i don’t use incs in cc i use maces,only heli i use in missions.

btw, anyone knows if it’s the AoE pudddle, or the heating effect that scores so high? Never really tried Auroras/Trombones or Jotun in CC

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Jotun works similarly.
Any weapon that damages the entire build will lead to lots of individual part destruction points, which give you big confrontation numbers.

It does seem like helicopter PVP gives more than normal PVP still, but if you use area effect weapons in CC you get even more.

I’ve been using a dumb dual Jotun build in CC, and my CC payout is regularly much larger than my actual score.

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I don’t think it’s a simple matter of destruction score, since I have seen people score like 600 ingame with Incis, but it translated to 2k+ CC points. While I regularly score 2k ingame but get 1.2k CC points for that shit with Whirls.

I’m tempted to think it’s more tied to total damage, regardless of ingame score or destruction.

That’s what I’m trying to say:
Doing any damage to a part seems to give you CC points if that part is eventually destroyed by you or a teammate.
Which means I can score 300 points in a CC match, but take in 1400 CC rating points.

I think in-game score is more tied to total damage, whereas CC score is more about specific tasks (damaging parts, capping, etc).


CC and weeklies are two separate things though. they contribute to two different things. one being a battle pass and the other being pvp and gaining reputation to get your weekly badges.
the difference here is you need a competitive build for CC as well as getting the best scores you can which in most cases isnt possible with some clan members.
in helis its far easier to just jump into a pve match, grind out the matches required and then just do whatever for the remainder of the missions you have. in CC this isnt possible because its alot different then the weeklies you get in the pass.

but this isnt fair to people who dont do pvp. we want alternatives to gain points and contribute to the clan outside of the pvp grind. its a lost cause to focus these badges on mainly pvp and competitive builds because there are people who dont like or dont want to do pvp. them locking the badges behind such a ridiculous road block is just absurd. the amount of badges we can earn outside of clans is so low its not even worth it. non pvp players dont stand a chance, if anything their grind would be 10x longer then people who regularly do pvp or CC.

im not asking for free uranium. you have to earn your uranium.
and i USED TO play clan wars so i know how competitive the clan wars scene can be.

that was a lie. you cant get all of the badges unless the entire clan commits to doing CC and getting the score up. this is why i say to raise the clan cap from 20 to 30 or 40 because not everyone wants to do pvp and having a bigger clan can make it easier to get those extra badges.

hehe, then why were you speaking for him anyways? based on his reply i think you were wrong.

yes, youre supposed to “invest” into the game in order to get a suitable build.

its not supposed to be. they want you in pvp so you have to suffer from the meta and possibly pay to get on the winning side.

again, thats the idea. pve is too mellow to milk players with. it also takes too much effort to do well. pvp is where youll pay because you suffer and are caught in an endless 2min loop of identical matches. or better cc or even better cw.

that is the idea!

just to be very clear: i think the game is purposely designed to be this way. what youre asking for goes against this very fundamental idea so i think it wont happen.

i personally ofc think its a shady and crappy way of doing business.

i think they dont want you to have it easier to get more badges, they want it just as hard as it is right now. thats why they introduced cc and designed the payout like this.

I’m actually confused by his reply. He and the other members of my clan do get badges each week, which they wouldn’t if they weren’t in the clan.
Even if we were able to unlock the higher level clan challenges, we would need to have more active members to actually complete those challenges.

So yes, if you want to complete every single clan challenge each week, you’re going to need a more active and competitive clan than we currently are. But even in our casual clan, everyone gets badges each week, even if they just play PVE.

Anyway, I don’t see how giving PVE players a little bit of CC rating points really messes with their business model. Even PVE players want new gear and are motivated to be active players. @Zarrurer is proof of that: he plays a lot and has a pretty good collection of gear that he has grinded out. The devs wouldn’t have included PVE as such a big part of the game if they thought it didn’t benefit the game in some way.