Clan confrontation rating issues

first off i dont like how clan confrontations rating and point system works. if everyone in the clan isnt playing clan confrontation then theres no way youll get the max league or even get all the badge challenges done. i think this system needs to be fixed so that people who do pve can contribute as well. i also think the points should be accumulated through your matches and not only with your highest ratings per battles you been in (max 5 best scores). i think this is just extremely restrictive and the clan im in doesnt even get past recognized in the ratings. we are missing out on alot of badges and it makes it feel worse when during an event we get the “deal 15 million damage” challenge done but cant claim it. this has happened multiple times and we lose out on quite alot of badges. its just frustrating to me that this points system in this mode is so restrictive. its not like its clan wars so i feel the rules on this shouldnt be so restrictive.

a few solutions to this is:
remove the restrictions on the points and just have it so people can gain points depending how well they do per match, there is no “5 best scores” nonsense and you just get what you get through the matches you do and they all add up.
raise the amount of people that can be in the clan to possibly 30 or 40. this would help it be far less restrictive and help us get to those higher ranks.

some people might not agree with this but what would you do in this situation or what would you want?

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um no…CC is fine
MZFIT clan gets Legendary every week and all badges…
play heli missions/you can get more points for CC that way, i do.(shh,’ Whispers’–>that’s our little secret don’t tell anyone)
and we r recruiting 1 if ur on PC.

I just want more ps brackets in the system and less of the wait every other hour to play. It’s supposed to be a competitive mode, the system works fine if you actually take part in it. Giving the same amount of points in normal pvp wouldn’t really be fair as bots do some of the work for you. I’d really say players are lucky to get the points they do for that right now.

Best of 5 is ok though, I wouldn’t mind it being best of 7. That would make the minimal effort for a cc player be 1 match per day and wouldn’t screw the points too much. I wouldn’t go for it just counting every match though. They would just end up setting the matches required way too high to get any of the rewards. The maximum amount of points players generate would end up being set by the all day players.

There’s is two smaller reward issues that bug me a little: The first one being that there are two large nearly identical challenges/rewards which make up a large amount of badges, these could be staggered a little better. Outside of that there is a bit of an imbalance with pve challenges, that could easily be fixed with adding some extra pve challenges. However, much of the PVE isn’t very challenging right now; so I wouldn’t expect them to award near the same amount. Perhaps if they set maximum ps ranges for the raids I would change my mind on that but at current there’s nothing stopping a player from bringing a 14ps+ build into an easy raid.

I wouldn’t mind there being some extra PVP rewards for stripping different part types like explosives parts, weapons, wheels. Though I wouldn’t want to over complicate it too much more than that that either.

you don’t have to wait to play CC to get CC points,its only for kills in CC,play missions/heli missions while you wait.


I said it the way I said it intentionally. Yes I’m left to wait to play CC every other hour. I would like more PS brackets in CC.

Did I mention I couldn’t get points in CC no…

did u thunk u should have? ‘YES’
i’m letting new players know how to get points besides cc,that u failed to do. it’s ok no worriers.

good for you but i dont do pvp so how could i contribute? there are other clans out there who dont have a super active player base and whatnot. so getting legendary and those badges arent going to happen in most cases.

im on ps4.

doesnt have to be the same points, it can be less or even 1/4 so long as they accumulate. something to help boost the score and stuff. its just difficult to get to rank and the amount of badges i get is so low. yeah i get SOME from my clan mates doing CC but its not much. i just really dont like that they put the badge system like this.

You’re just repeated stuff you already said in again from the post above mine.

Did you think perhaps maybe I just wanted to play more CC in the restrictive format?

How many invasions do you do a week? Are you doing anything to help a clan under the current system?

invasions? what do invasions have too do with clan confrontation? … unless your saying they also give a score to?
i contribute to the clan by doing raids, going into pve to raise the number done, dealing tons of damage to get the damage counter up and trying to complete the clan missions that i can do.

it is what it is,
it’s a clan effort,you can’t do it alone.and u can’t have diff ps brackets because no one will get a match…you need rules.

invasion only gives you ‘Activity points’ and cc challenges.

I agree with the OP especially concerning the “5 best missions” bullshit. Out of 20 people, I’m one of the few who helps get us to recognized, and we rarely go above that. The whole system is really discouraging especially to newer players (we’re open to all levels and don’t vet players) who see they can’t contribute much, and inevitably, give up and leave the game altogether.

And yeah, I suck at pvp, so I get my thousand points in for confrontation and the rest is all pve.

from what i seen we had people come into the clan and just… not do anything and just stop playing. we had to boot tons from the clan who been inactive for over 14 days.

its supposed to be a clan effort or a joined effort from everyone, but this is just… not doable…
i think they come in, try clan confrontation, not get anywhere due to the bricks and broken builds people use and just stop doing it altogether. they might also get discouraged by other things to and just not come back.

i just wish there was more ways to earn reputation for your clan instead of just endlessly doing pvp.

if cc gave uranium id be playing it if not everyone works for me lol

The inverse is true too. Every now and again, we get one or two hot-shot players who are cranking out 3000-5000 confrontation points for two or three weeks in a row, and when they see the other 75% of the clan contributing nothing, they either bail out or stop playing altogether as well.

As far as booting people, we kick out players after 40 days of no activity, allowing other players to join. Then the cycle repeats…sadly. :cry:

i dont do clan confrontation myself but i contribute by doing raids (since alot of people dont like raids) dealing damage and doing pve matches to get those wins for the weeklies.
it makes me sad when i do events and get 15 million damage easy but cant get the badges because of the damn tier bullcrap. we dont ever get past renowned and if we do its only once in a blue moon. im not blaming anyone in the clan for this though, i understand that people play different things and want to do different activities. but its so sad seeing me and the others getting that 15 million damage and not getting the 150 + 100 badges, on top of the other things we could get to. its just 250 badges but still it adds up. the system needs to be better.

I totally understand what you are saying, but I also think you shouldn’t stress about it.
I know how much you contribute to the clan, even if your CC contribution is zero each week. You regularly have more activity than the vast majority of the clan, and I see those PVE challenges getting cleared without me having to do any raids.

I’m just going to keep pruning the less active players and inviting randoms to replace them.

so in the other thread regarding the heli missions the solution offered by you is to quickly get it over with.

on this issue however you yourself would rather not be shoehorned into having to play cc.

you know, one possible solution would be: just play some cc, it doesnt take long, its easy. just play 5 matches and get the best score, np, right?

but you dont want to. others dont want heli. you seem to give the “just deal with it” anwser to heli haters but youre not happy with the same answer to your gripe.

besides that:

cw and cc arent pvp just because. theyre absolutely very deliberately not pve!

because youre meant to compete, not just grind. thats why the scores are best of 5, so that you actually have to perform.

all the good rewards will remain pvp and performance related so that you have to suffer to get to them. because thats how they make money.

its the exact same thing with uranium raids. you non cw people have no imagination how salty cw is, when youre asking for basically free pve uranium in form of a unraium raid. uranium is expensive and craved because its a rocky road to get there. it would be too easy and stress free to reward it for pve from a business perspective.


re badges and cc:

i remember how it was claimed casual grinders could get the badges easily enough while others were going bananas over it. sounds like you cant after all.

sounds like an open door clan has too many non contributors, too many who just bail. again, you ask for larger clans and all of this.

in the meantime a dirty boy is leading a clan with rules where you have to compete and where he is supposedly supreme roseanne and most likely rules like an absolute tyrant. but he claims they actually do get the top rating and loads of badges.

thats how the game wants you to react. they dont want you just grinding in pve.

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I don’t want to speak for @Zarrurer, but I don’t think the issue is that he isn’t earning badges in our clan. I think it’s more that he would like to be contributing to our confrontation rating, in addition to just helping us clear challenges.
If we didn’t have him and a few others doing lots of PVE, we would be getting less badges per week.

We have more people doing CC now, and I expect that number to increase as I replace less active members with more active ones.