Clan confrontation rating

So how does it really work? I can climb it all the way up to 10000 personally but never really beyond that

The total rating of the whole clan does not seem to go up unless your own goes up, even if you earn say 400 points in a match but your own rating does not go up, neither does the clan progress bar, the 400 you earned in the battle don’t go anywhere. So if you don’t want to metawhore with some instant points build and want to play for example support, you’re stuck on not gaining any points for the clan, which means that the clan won’t progress in fame or whatever, and you won’t get any badges, that you have already completed as challenges but just don’t have enough fame to claim them.

So is it a calculated hard cap per player around 10 000 points, meaning they are trying to force players to play the game so that you can only claim all the badges if you are in a clan with other players aiming to grind out the max points per player, or is the whole system buggy and even something like 85 points in a confrontation match should be added to the overall point pool of your clans fame even if you personally have 9000+ points?

FWIW, Reddit is full of people trying to figure it out… including screenshots of scores.
If I had a dollar for every theory, well, I’d supersize my Happy Meal later today.


The system only uses two numbers to calculate reward. Confrontation points and Activity points.

You have 5 tops scores for confrontation points and that is it - you only get points when you beat one of those scores and this score can only be done in PvP missions and Confrontation (does not count patrol). The amount of points added is the difference in scores. So if all your scores are zero at the start of the week the first 5 you get full points.

You can see these scores by hovering over your name in the clan tab. Like the below image.


This number adds up to make your League Rating and that is it. This is not the number that counts for you to get your personal rewards. This is the number that let you know what challenges your clan as a whole has unlocked. Everything is unlocked at Legendary.

The next score that gets you all your reward in called “Activity”. This score can be be increase by doing damage to anything in game even bots. This score can be increased in raids and patrol and PvP missions and confrontation (pretty much can do anything except no bedlam or Game Center games count)

As long as anyone in your clan gets the Confrontation League to the level you need for a reward you don’t even need a high confrontation score to get the prices. This is the group effort part.

For the “solo” part you need 800 activity points to unlock all rewards that are available. I call this the solo part because no one but you can add points to this score. (This is one of the reasons people complained they didn’t get rewards - just becuase your clan does all the work and unlocked the confrontation leagues - you still need to play the game to get your rewards)

Once you have your league to the level you think you can achieve you no longer need confrontation points - you only need activity.

Thanks for all the detail, although I’m still a little confused.

My little clan got enough to unlock the second level of challenges, but now we’re barely moving the needle to get to the next level of challenges.
Are you saying we can raise that level without playing confrontation, or that confrontation is the only way to do it, and that we need to keep beating our previous high scores? Or can we continue to raise it just through PVP? And if we can raise it through PVP, is it still dependent on beating previous high scores?

If it is completely based on beating previous scores, wouldn’t it be most efficient to deliberately scoring low at the beginning of the week, so that it’s easier to continue beating your own scores?

No it would not be easier.

If you have 5 amazing games in a row then your done with confrontation/CWs for the week (if you want to)

They made it so you don’t have to do a lot of games, BUT you have to do “quality” games.

PvP is counted towards your five scores BUT at a 10 times less rate.

I don’t have true caps for points on each mode (their is no true “cap” but each mode would have a maximum amount of score you can reliable achieve in that mode)

These below numbers are NOT the cap and I’m doing it from memory - but this is what you can expect from each mode.

I think it’s something like below, you can get higher but this is a good goal. (also remember higher points replace lower points)

PvP - 250 pt x 5 = 1250 total pts
Confrontation - 2500 pt x 5 = 12500 pts
Clan Wars - 3500 pts x 5 = 17500 pts

If I got one PvP score of 250 - then 3 confrontation at 2500 - then 1 clan war at 3500 I now have a total of:

250+2500+2500+2500+3500 = 11250

Then if you play one more confrontation and get 2500 pts it will replace the lowest number.

2500+2500+2500+2500+3500 = 13500

Now you will notice that the score has now increased but only by the difference in scores.

You don’t get a full 2500 pts - you get 2500-250= 2250.

At this point you pretty much (realistically) could only increase your score in CWs.

Get it? Let me know if I need to expand more.

So would that mean that I should try to get my high scores first in confrontation so that I get the maximum points, instead of potentially getting a few high scores in PVP and getting less points because I can’t beat those scores in confrontation?

I’m glad you’re figuring out the system, because it seems really opaque to me.

You “can” use PvP to get scores - but your not getting much over 250 or so in PvP.

Not even sure why they even have points in PvP, it’s not enough to really do much to the score.

BUT PvP is a good place to raise the “Activity” score. I also tested this in patrol and you can power out “Acivity” in patrol pretty fast. I wanted to see how fast it could be done and in a few hours of PvP+Patrol I was able to get my activity to 800pt.

800pts is the max you need for all rewards.

BUT without at least playing 5 confrontation matches a week a member can not add much to the advance of a clan league.

I feel like any clan/band should ask their members to at least play 5 confrontations battles a week minimum. Even if they are not a good PvP player this mode will still give them 10 times the total possible points even for a lose.

So if you have someone that is scoring like 44 points in PvP - they would get 440 in Confrontation. It is still a very low score, but they are adding more to the overall combined score.

In the case of my mini-clan, all three of us have played at least 20 confrontation matches this week, but we seem stuck in “recognized” now.
Just to be clear, the only way we can move up now is to beat some of our previous scores, right?

Correct - that would be the only way to move your “Confrontation” score up.

OR get more members.

I think solo and none PvP guys are going to better in full sized clans. Becuase then they can do less each.

I feel like power players are more suited for bands.

With high Confrontation scores a 5 man band could max out somewhere around 62,500 pts with only playing confrontation. (not an exact number I have not played enough to find the tip top exact cap)

With high CW scores a 5 man band would cap somewhere in the 87,500 range which is not enough for legendary league.

So you would need a clan for all rewards.
I’m pretty sure it is currently impossible to get everything with only 5 players.

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