Clan confrontation vs PVE, I don´t get it

I work 40 hours a week and I have been diligently making weekly challenges since engineers badges were a thing, almost uninterruptedly.
So, I got invited to a clan, a clan that doesn´t do CW, yes, those exist, it is just for fun. Then we start trying to do Clan Confrontation. Bad results. Small clan, poor participation.
But then the clan reputation thing explodes in my face, you can only contribute to clan rating by playing that and only that fucking annoying mode, which is not only open at very narrow time windows but those are so spread that I almost always need to wait more than an hour for it to be available… WHAT THE HELL??? WHY?! What’s the point???
Not happy with that, devs (or product owners or whoever) decided that Clan Confrontation challenges need to become available per rating tier, so there is a league, which is unlock by playing… you guessed it, the unavailable mode.
But if you pay attention to the dev notes, members need to acumulate “activity” so that it eliminates the possibility of “unfair play”, you don’t participate, then you don’t get the reward. Meh… so far so good. And then… PUM! you cannot accumulate “activity” in PVE modes, like raids EVEN WHEN RAIDS CHALLENGES ARE PART OF CLAN CHALLENGES. I don’t f_cking get it.
What’s the deal with Gaijin and Targem vs the PVE modes? “Oh, play raids so you do clan challenges, but that’s is no activity contribution”, “If you are a solo main PVE player, j oin a PVP clan so you contribute with raids challenges, although that may not guarantee you get any reward since, THAT DOESN’T SUM AS ACTIVITY, F_CK YOU SOLO PLAYER!!!”
Enough ranting. My two cents:

  1. Remove the clan challenges league. For league lovers there is already CW available, or at least make them easier to unlock, not just by playing 1 not always available mode
  2. If you don’t want to remove the clan rating mechanics, then please remove the time windows for Clan Confrontation, I can barely play it
  3. What the hell is that “The personal rating of each individual member of a clan or a band is the sum of the results of the five best battles during the season. This means that you can constantly improve and try to earn as many points per battle as possible in order to increase your overall score and contribute more to the total rating.” Wrong! It means that I can end up playing 20 matches without any gain in rating just because they were not good enough matches. What kind of safe league is this? If I play the barely available mode, then let my progress be it, progress regardless the result, even if it is just 1 rating point!!!
  4. Let PVE modes sum activity, ALL OF THEM including Patrol.

Finally, this is what the league does to small clans, we could have had some additional 50 badges for “active” members since we complete 100 daily challenges, not a big prize but rewarding enough, but we didn’t reach the league rating despite our efforts. Lame


Confrontation mode Maybe should have just been added as a brawl or mission, and then just dropped the silly menu game. I doesn’t seem to be very well put together, and I don’t think all these new menus add anything interesting, fun or profitable to the game. They’re just another hassle, and seem a bit buggy too.

I could learn to enjoy Confrontation, but like you said, it’s never available, and as it is, I think it’s unnecessary baggage.

Or, “Great Update! Thanks Devs.”

The choice is yours.

Just wait till the new challenges in update 3!

“Challenge: Destroy an Omni wheel mounted on the left, rear side using a Remedy. Do NOT damage any other part of the car. Do this 20 times.”

“Reward: 50 Fender Extenders.”


I’m sure he has servants do that for him.


It appears after tomorrow changes solo players get to keep a part of the previous badges, which os what they should have done from the start.

Also these badges increase the overall badges you can get by around 30% to 4k compared to before the update, which is also good.

What they did is what they should have done years ago, which is finding a way to integrate clans into the game beyond only farming uranium.

Despite my disagreement with the existence of the badge system as a whole, i find the updated version that comes tomorrow a much better solution for player game engagement.

Now being in a small clan will have a meaning and a common efford can be made to accomplish a goal other than uranium.

That came at the expense of solo experience unfortunately but at least it seems to be an efford to fix the dying clan system, which brings competition that brings money and keeps the game alive.

And it seems to be working, over these first 2 weeks the clan activity seems to be slowly increasing on pc again.

What i would do is make it that clans can get 4000 badges through the new system so that the efford seems to be worth ot rather than working extra to get the same number of badges you were getting before.

I would also revamp the challenges, they need to be simpler.

The system still needs work but it is going in the right direction.


i have no idea why that is, just make it open all the time and only close it when clan wars is on. whats stupid is itll close but if the time is scheduled to open on clan wars hours it shuts itself down until clan wars is over then opens again. i think this is just absurd.

you should be able to contribute to your rating in any mode, not just clan confrontation. i really hate pvp myself and am often just doing pve or raids. i contribute to my clan by doing raids which others often dont want to, but even then thats difficult due to how raids are structured.

if you accumulate the activity you still get the rewards, you just need to get the amount of activity to get them.

thats not necessarily true, if you do patrol vs ai you can get points in that thatll contribute to your score. its very easy to get activity points from that.

i tried clan confrontation and it was indeed crap. it was just a losing streak for me very badly. i was getting maybe 70 - 85 points per match contributing to the clan score. yeah try earning 70 points per loss when you need 8000 points to go up to the next league…