Clan Confrontation

Can the Devs make Clan Confrontation a best of 3 match like Clan Wars.
This will allow players to get used to working together strategizing vs teams preparing for Clan Wars.
Also reward a new resource in the game - Ore Fragments (where you need x amount to get 1 piece of Ore)

I think this will make Clan Confrontation more competitive and a way to allow players who aren’t in a top clan to get Ore.


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No it’s what makes it fun, you have to learn in the moment and not get a second chance.

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Im glad im not in a clan, 8vs8 public battles are much more fun than forced 4vs4 battles vs meta builds.
All that for a little uranium that you can just buy on the market.

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Clan Wars is best of 3 where you strategies and play chess with your builds on how to counter what you battle. How is best of 3 not learning in the moment?

Clan Confrontation is 4v4 lol. And getting ore reward is a good way to make coin. Yes you can buy it on the market but id rather be the one selling.

Also if you dont play these modes why comment on it? You can still play 8v8 with no worries on what happens to Clan Confrontation :man_shrugging:

It is too much of a drain on new players to have 3 good loadouts in best out of 3 for Clan Confrontation. In Clan Wars, if you get beat with one comp, you can switch it up for a counter. For example, my loadout is fat Gerrida spider for anti dog, firedog for rush and Helicon hover for anti spider/mid-long range/brawling. If my team gets a win with hovers or rush first round, we can go spider and lock the next match down. Or that’s the theory, depending on who shows up for clan wars.

Playing against 3 loadouts is too difficult for a new team, as they often have a good rush comp with Dracos or Hammerfalls or whatever, but they can rarely deal with an adjustment to spiders or Porcupines or Porcupine Spiders.

Confrontation is meant to be less of a bar to entry than clan wars, as the price of one good pack will get you into Confrontation with a decent build. Blight triple Remedy is particularly effective.

Because you get multiple shots at it, you get extra chances to vet the enemy team. You don;t get a second chance in CC.

I agree with ore fragments being a thing.

Having a best of 3 does not cater to the little guy and we want to give the newer players a chance. We also don’t want to go 2-3 rounds against the same team for 30 minutes straight because the population is too low. Times of rounds would need to be adjusted as well. A single round is best for CC.

You can memorize or write down what certain teams or players usually run to help you out with a counter.

because like with clanwars before cc, some people are very actively and passionately not playing cw/cc. they want to make a point out of it for reasons unknown to themselves.

ask about cw/cc and most replies will be by non participants.

very much this. the clanwars change to best of 3 resulted in, i believe, pretty similar pay out for on average much longer battles. while at the same time promoting p2w and raising the entry fee for newbs.