Clan Confrontational

Someone tell me why I didn’t get + points for 2033 points. it is not even in the list of the top five results

CC rating has it’s own calculation, it doesn’t depend from reputation score

Are you very smart, please tell me what it depends on?

So you’re saying I’m earning 4500 points for nothing! Even then, it doesn’t make it into the top five results.
I need to get 200 points and then it will be good, you think :smiley:

We got this formula few weeks ago Calculation of the “Confrontation” rating - News - Crossout

Small update, 12.10.2023

  • Fixed an issue that made it possible to enter the “Confrontation” mode on a vehicle that does not meet the PS requirements, as well as on armored aircraft.
  • The effect of the duration of the battle in “Confrontation” and “Clan Wars” on the rating received has been adjusted. Short games will now yield less rating, while long games will yield more.

Also we had these fixes, so reward was cut

I see you still don’t understand my problem.
2033 Points received for battle you should calculate CC points from this, which does not happen