Clan daily challenges and or weekly challenges

for extra resources or maybe for just being in a clan to unlock perks,like a storage unit where we can use other clanmates weapons and stuff…
idk…im saying clans are missing something,something important of being in a clan…
what do you all think?..what would make clans more 'appealing and fun to be in?..

Everything about clans and clans wars need redone.

I would like to see them separate Levi wars from regular clan wars.

I would also like to see a 9k tier clan wars like Arena added. I would not give Ore for wins, but maybe a small Ore payout at the end of the week.

I would like to see one more officer level added, this would be 1 strip and it only makes it so only the clan leader can kick them, but they do not have the power to invite people.

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I’m saying something like below: (I expanded on it a little)

Leader: power to invite and can kick any member
General: power to invite and can kick normal members
Sargent: power to invite and can NOT kick member
Private: can NOT invite, can NOT kick
Normal member: has no powers

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Why so many levels? Officer works just fine as long as you set out the rules for kicking players.

We have it that officers and leader must agree to kick and not kicking from anger.

I just dont see the need for other layers as it seems to be a trust with your players in clan.

So you have never heard of a clan where someone goes crazy and starts kicking people?

I have seen it happen to a few over the years.

What’s about member level , you can setting to any member the level, from last years this give the dashboard priority view