Clan Idea - Storage/Rentals

During the live stream there was mention of improvements to how clans function in XO, and that they’d become more than just something you need to have to play Clan Wars. This got me thinking and I had an idea I liked, so here I am to share it.

It’d be pretty cool if there was a clan storage tab for players to add/rent weapons/modules/movement parts to (for free). Some details that I think would be needed to make the system good are:

  • Adding an item would lock it in your inventory. This means that when you donate an item to the clan storage you’d be unable to sell/use/salvage it, etc. Until you’ve removed it from clan storage and back into your inventory.
  • Ownership of the item would always be under control of the owning player (even if you leave/get kicked from the clan, it’d just get removed from the storage and unlocked in your inventory), and that owning player could retrieve their part at any time (except when in a queue, to prevent cheating).
  • Only a single player could “rent” the part at a given time (no duplicating items).
  • If the player who owns the part removes it from clan storage while the renting player is in the middle of a match they would still be able to use it until the match is over (may need to keep the part locked until the renting players match is over to prevent “duplicating” items, with a max lock timer to prevent players from griefing and staying in matches excessively long on purpose).

There may need to be some more stipulations to prevent cheating, but in general this would allow players with larger inventories the ability to help newer and less equipped players have access to better equipment/builds in a risk free manor, and would help improve the clan as a community mentality. It’d also give more incentive for new players to find/join a clan when they reach the level to do so.


This might not be a bad idea! I feel like clanwars is a relic world, and when new players come in with their epics they will have an instantaneous disadvantage. So it would be great for those players to get to learn how to use relics, pick their favourites, and be better educated to pick their favourite once they have gathered the required uranium.

And I feel like renting your weapon and not being able to use it yourself would be enough of a handicap to make this feature balanced.


This does not make money. It will never happen.

Don’t be a negative Nancy, it’s adds nothing to the conversation.


i suggested this like 2 years ago so i doubt so but i would love for this to happen

This sounds good until you come across one thing. A newer clan with low level players then get somebody with a good inventory to play and they use his gear. This would really make things hard. For example: We have 1 player in our clan with EVERYTHING in the game. Maxed inventory of 1000 parts and all his relics are fused, as well as cabs, modules.

You can see where this could go. You could have a new-is clan fielding a 4 player team with Fused scorpion player on fused hovers, with fused engine, cloak, scope radar. The a Fused Masterdon Humpback Doggie, Fused Firebug Fused Flash build and a Fused punisher build. It could have the potential to really make things a lot worse.

I’m sure that would be a thing, but it seems like a rarer thing in my experience. Honestly, your point might be a good counter argument to RoughMonkey’s opinion that the devs don’t benefit from it. It could get high spenders to want to be higher spenders as they want to carry more players in CW. But to the opposite end, I guess it could also cause carried players to be less incentivized to expand their own inventory.

This could be remedied by only allowing any individual player to rent out so many items total (like 5) and any individual player the ability to only rent some many items themselves. Then people can help each other, but it’d be impossible for 1 player to sustain an entire clan or single players inventory.

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I sort of am not sure what you mean about high spenders. I get premium every year on special and BP which is another $40 ish per year. I find if you grind smart you can make a ton of money in game. I did a long day today as i had time and make over 1000 coins so it can be done. I would not do it every day though…lol…

I just mean players who spend a lot buying coin/packs/etc, but it could also just include people who grind a lot.

I personally own enough gear that I could “loan” a full clan gear and I know multiple people that can do the same.

I’m not against your idea, I just don’t think it will ever happen.

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That’s understandable, which is why I think from the devs(company) perspective it’d only be viable if they put limits on how much you could rent out and rent for yourself. Like you and NZChazman said, it wouldn’t benefit the game overall for a few loaded players to host an entire clan of players, but a little shared help might provide a bit more comradery.


Clan Blue Print Storage might make sense, but then if you’re dedicated you can just use the exhibition to store proper Clan builds.
Players loaning parts out is not a good marketing strategy for the developers, obviously…unless they charged coins for rentals. Every build has a price-tag associated with it, maybe a percentage of that could be paid as a fee in Coin or Crosscrowns to rent that build. That might tickle the developer’s fancy; coins that just disappear from the economy

“You will own nothing and be happy.” -Klaus Schwab

If the game really wants to continue a long happy lifespan I think the developers needs to start doing things that benefit the game and not just their wallets. They already have enough mechanisms in the game for generating revenue. We need things that generate more value for the players/community.


That’s exactly why the game is landing flat.
More features > more players > more money > more devs and tech/gear/servers > more features
Either they’re blind/oblivious to that or they have something preventing them to get into that kind of game evolution/growth.
I like the renting idea but for the reason above I doubt it would be implemented.

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