Clan search is broken

There is a lot of weird going on with clan search on pc and i think it may be the reason why my clan jointly operated with dirty hamster is not filling up no more despite having ads on both the english and russian clan recruitment page on discord. Our clan is only searchable when specifically typing the name in and that is it. There is also a suspiciously low number of clans listed as well when searching for a new clan and applying various filters gives some non nonsensical results.

For example: when alternating between the open and all filters using the in game clan search there were 9 clans with 13 players under the open search filter and just 4 clans with 13 players under the all filter which makes no sense. The all search filter is suppose to include both closed and open clans so you think there would be more clans listed but yet it gives less results than using open. Also our clan had 13 players at the time when the below screenshots were taken and our clan was no where to be found.

Our clan use to fill up in no time, the minute someone left the clan than probably like half an hour later someone else would fill the vacancy. I don’t know if we were shadow banned from the search results or if it is a problem all across the board.

I think it’s wide spread from looking at the leaderboards.

Yea I noticed that, there is quite a few clans listed on the leaderboard but probably not even 5% of that amount is listed thru manual search.