Clan tab 2.0

I was talkin about the clan flag tab one time and was suggesting that it shows you stuff and this idea is new as i type. when clan members are on it shows with a number on the flag, so you know how many are on or something so its like a clan flag count of players on ready to fight with you. Then have it outline highlighted to let you know you have a request to join message. So u have two notification upgrades for clan tab.

Cause I instantly hit battle alot. Never look whos on because its one click away and i always forget because its just a little square flag box up high away from my line of sight. Im always on the left side looking at my goals for the day or the season event. I always solo because I feel like it’s just quicker, you don’t have to change power score for some other clan member especially in battles plus ask what resourse they need.

Maybe we can update clan settings a little better so it shows like this person is working for 600 scrap today and needs help to fill up he is using a 2.500 power score build [clan help request message board].

So you can possibly work together on same goals. Like say Sam wants 400 wires and 200 electronics is there anyone on that can help them today? Just hit Yes or No. And when that player sees what you put in for an answer on clan chat so u have pre automated requests. No one needs to waste time talking and just click. Maybe set a time on when and how long they will be on for this request. So then at least others will see what you need and you can work altogether better.

A bar graph of resourse help requests would be simplistic so you know everyone’s request on a daily bar graph so then you have goals with others. It’s shown to you how to manage better clan fundamentals as a large group.

Oh maybe we can use the track item to craft check box and use that and implement it into the bar graph resourses requests board? So as soon as you pick a item you want to craft and track it. The notification shows that you put in a request for help on such in such resource required for that item.

Everyone will enjoy knowing they have a better system to communicate with especially the market players. Clan members will see goals of others just in resourses. It will add a better gameplan within the clan flag tab. Make it more valuable to use and u see what others need so you can produce a better clan overall.

ideas flowing with a better clan system within is my next venture as i try to give ideas cause apparently im that kind of dude. I just would like to see a friendly clan resourses request setup so the leaders and officers dont need to be drill instructors or resource crazed lunatics or any faction of that matter to get a clan going. The clan gets going without you there pulling the strings as puppet masters you have become.

Just a full out friendly communication station in the clan tab that will set you up with members for the day and just makes it Alexa worthy. Or should i say [XO] worthy. Just ask XO what you need and XO gives you a helpful hand. Make XO a female voice in heat. Players will love that. Just put XO on ur lap and your goals will be accomplished. And you can say you are a Man now knowing you had XO get that resource scratch you been wanting to get rid of haha. XO is the daily planner for crossout people not a 3 Am commercial on the advertisements channel lol.

Maybe have XO connect you to clan mates games that just started like a raid for instance that the clan mate started and it has openings in it. You can jump in and fight with them. Kinda like how GTA V tells you someone started a game would you like to join type deal. Obviously not some stupid black screen but a little comic book chat overhead telling you in garage that some clan member started a raid alone and might need backup.

Just another crazy idea who knows maybe XO might help you one day. What am im saying they won’t fall for that idea.

Increase the size of clan from 20,40,60 So you can have 15 4 groups driving around in battles. This could cause clans to merge and that would be a fun system to see take place. Would involve more players into the clans and a variety would help because just 20 players in a game that can scale from 2500 up past 30ks so in a way having more clan members will set us up for success better i believe. Especially now cause everyone has their favourite rigs to drive around.

Having a large clan instead a few chairs to fill could maybe help. Or we could have it so any leaders that go over 100 in rank gets a clan perk for more potential clan mates because you are so well known so it goes to 40 members then you hit level 200 and well you unlocked it to 60. Will give leaders a thing to work for. Especially for new clan members and a stronger clan experience within.

The system as it stands feels like it needs a replacement because its running on year 1-3s ideas i believe. But if we had more players in the clan the chances of more teamwork will become known. Especially if we added in a system that communicates our resourse goals within the clan. Players will know what other players will want to get and work together better.

As i see it now most of the clan tab/tournaments needs a new setup for better teamwork and not everyone will be thinking of their own little pile of resourses but knowing others are requesting assistance will make us feel more involved with eachother a little more and its not just okay i got what i needed peace bros ur on ur own. But the system within clan tab will bring to you everyones goals faster.

Say jerry needs 200 plastic and puts in a request for 200 plastic. Everyone in clan can see that person needs help with that goal for the day so others with the same goals can work together.

Lets do a hour glass that knows what times they will be on, say you can pick 1 to 2 hours in a hour glass on the side so just hit the hour glass or the two and it flips over. So it lets others know ur on for an hour or 2 because you either have 1 going or 2. Would help let others know you are on for that time uninterrupted. Or we could do a digital timer of 2 hours with a digital display or both haha. Just some ideas for clan interfaces. Teamwork goals within the clan could totally add a new feeling.

Maybe let others know you are building in the clan aswell so in the clan interface u see billy is building so you know they are busy and obviously are going to be doing test runs. This guys busy maybe someone else then. So just add a wrench and dirty rags logo by the names.

Have it so the clan interface shows what everyone is doing and workin for. Missions, raids ,war, battles. Awakening map missions. All the things we enjoy just show others inside the clan what you are going to be doing today would totally add a great deal of interesting behaviors within. all on one page. Everyone would enjoy this because it gives you better opportunities.

Oh another b4 bed. Umm shows what powerscore you are running in the clan list so players know what players powerscores are what because hidden profiles stink. At least throw out the powerscore number in the clan tab so u can at least know. Idk what the hidden profiles things really about but its kinda lame and promotes bad behavior it seems.

Hopefully some other clan mates might agree to a more helpful clan interface. But whatever its just smash skullll trying to help out like usual hahaha. Btw i did play with clan members today and was looking for the ideas i had about it all and hopefully someone thats normal can respond to this in a nice manner haha. But 97% seems to just be about themselves and their 19 others just like em. but im pretty sure most numbers are exaggerated lol. Prolly only like 10 full supporters on one leader type deal anymore so. Maybe a new clan setup might re populate and re circulate the ghetto it has become.