😉 Clans Beware of fake accounts!

i asked ivo if them two are going to play or can i make room for two more and he quit lol sp i kicked the other two,or should i say 2 fake accounts calling them his kids ,i don’t know why the others left all in that 1 second,probly a part of it…but i don’t care… :crazy_face: :thinking:
ivo’s 2 alt accounts i guess
‘solduck and voidrever’ these two never played for weeks they just pop on for 1 second on the same day to show their active.


Ivo1979 and Vince2008 both have Caucasus helicopters. They’ll be giving a bad name to any clan they join. Solduck_Achieved has 291 missions, voidreaver567 - 83 missions. Could be alts.

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Hmmm…I may have to try these Caucasus helicopters… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: