CLANS...Need Some Love

when i click this tab its boring,nothing here but a tournament that’s time restricted…

Clans need a Daily and Weekly challenges to keep things interesting for being in a Clan,at least 2 clan members to participate…
other games when your in a clan give bonuses to every player in your clan when you build up points for your clan-so you get +2 damage dps or Armour or +5 % resources or +5% health…(just an example)…
What would make it more fun being in a clan?..

It does need something.

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I keep suggesting clan raids in the awakening area but have mentioned it before.

Some type of co-op base building would be interesting maybe some bot building could be added in where such as each member can build a bot for defense. Then rival clans can attempt to raid the base. It would need a non-game affective reward though as people could just build crappy bots. Still it would be something to do… Reward could change if there was a way to make sure the bots weren’t crippled in capacity.

Endurance trial:
Your 4 player team is put on a long repeating map and each enemy wave gets more difficult. It’s scored in stages and points mostly for bragging rights.


Clans will never be fun, simply because they require social human to human interaction


hehe, thats funny, youre funny! i just want to add that with the right people it can be fun, but theyre hard to come by in crossout.

It’s a team game, you’ll have to interact with other humans anyway. The whole point of playing CW is that you can chose the three persons you play with instead of playing with three derps who can’t minimap and go all cap in russian in the chat after dying at the 40s mark.

We sometimes die like derps at the 40s mark, but it’s been 1+ year since the ragekids have been kicked and banned forever of our clan, 95% of my CW sessions are hilarious and positive.

‘1 Year Later’ :thinking:

'i think this needs a bump…

'perhaps what i didn’t say is 'the leader puts the collected resources or coin into certain options your clan has.

'your clan has 10 options to choose from,but you can only pick 5 to spend on them,and maybe build them up from 1% to 5%.

'this badge grab is really crazy,ask anyone. :crazy_face:

‘anyway they should of stuck to my idea’ which i give credit to those old games i played for the idea.:kissing_heart:

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This explains a lot.

It’s crazy how many badges I get a week now. I love it.

‘first…it’s ruining clans’

‘second…it’s ruining the market’
i thought you were against this type of thing? :thinking:

Clan wars on Xbox is fine and I make the same coins on the market.

This is going to be a common theme - XO on Xbox is doing just fine and a free to play player can thrive there. I’m sorry everyone on PC is anti-social and the Market is messed up with corridors, but we do not live with the same realities.

So um. Where does it end exactly?

Have you thought out what happens when the clans are at maximum?
What is the premise for “funner” then?
Will it in fact make a clan more fun when everyone is at the same power level and there is no longer a perceived “edge” to be gained?

I like the idea of something being unlocked.
I do not like any kind of advantage any singular player is locked out of because of being in or out of a clan or in or out of a group.

What if the unlocks were more a long this:

  1. +5% to faction experience without the use of decor. Up to 25%.

Level: A: 1,000 emblems B: 10,000 C: 100,000 D: 1,000,000 and E: 2,200,000 (these numbers are just place holders, devs would have to look at actual numbers being earned and set each goal to a fairly high amount.

  1. Clan exclusive Decor (no ducks! lol) A menu of say 10-15 items to pick up to 5 from of large sized decors. All of these decors share color set by CL.
    Same cost structure. Decor would be legendary.

I am ok for these kind of bonus’s, but not ones that inherently give an edge to an established clan over a new one in “competition”.
That is where we are now.