Clans-players exploiting the helicopter bug on clan wars

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I prefer fighting helis. Very easy to take them out of the fight

Maybe it’s a feature, not a bug?
Makes me a bit more interested in CW.

What about heli clan wars? Or even confrontations? Wouldn’t be interesting?

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Its a bug, there is a video on yt on how to do it.

Clan wars population is already very little, we are around 500 active clans from rust to diamond, if you divide it into heli and without, its going to create a mess.
Yea you might get some extra clans participating cause of the mode but it is not going to be enough.

As for confrontation, while i wouldnt care, i dont think its a good idea for a number of reasons i am bored to type now.

I dont understand why helicopters are a thing to begin with, but i am fine as long as they are kept out of what i like. If i am forced to interact with them, personally i will not continue investing time in this game.

And from what i see, they are on the way to do that.

I did not even look at CW. I saw there isn’t a heli CW mode selectable.

So peeps are getting their heli’s in? Seems like everyone crying about stale CW and stale meta’s should be happy.

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Well I can tell you Skyshadow59178 was so unhappy I use Heli against his firedog meta team he starts reporting, but “forget” his teammate (megaDakka) have done it the game before xD.
But like he said, or rather not said, he wants punishment against the ones that beat him using it but not for his teammate. He doesn’t have an opinion for the ones in his clan ^^

Now you are just crying.

Report who you want to report and drop it, you didnt get anything with messaging, you wont get anything here.

In todays top 60 journey:

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Its cheating and I report it as such.

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:popcorn: :yawning_face:

Ignore me guys, I’m just here for the drama. It’s legit more entertaining than the game we’re supposed to play here.


There is no more of it, not replying anymore…I have already said and explained much more than i should have.

Sorry to stop :yum:, im good at feeding these dramas but since apparently today i met no helis i guess they got fixed.

Have been arguing in forums for like 20 years, i have met such personalities and this “i need everything explained to me like a 5year old” mentality countless times…And yet i still sometimes make my mistakes.
If i wanted no drama i wouldnt engage in any conversation and the matter would be over but sometimes you need to get some practise to avoid getting rusty :older_man:

Funny thing is, i hadnt taken any actual proper action yet, and i was strongly considering not to, getting them famous on the forum was probably good enough.

Since most of the posts have been delete for a violation of community guidelines I take the time to read it to understand why. Not a lot of player do apparently…
I do understand sharing a private conversation is forbidden, either it’s from a player or a game master, and I completely understand why my posts have been deleted.
2.1. Registration on Gaijin’s Websites

  • disclose the content of private messages with other Users or the content of official notices (posts) from Website Managers without the expressed permission of the corresponding User or Website Managers;

I’ve also read more, like :

3.6. Alongside the rules of paragraph 3.5 above, reporting game bugs, errors, or other flaws is not permitted other than in the Forum’s section(-s) related to the technical support of the Games. Violating this rule is subject to the following sanctions :
1 violation — 1-day ban on the publication of threads and posts

I’m afraid this whole post infringes the last one so I cannot share, in regard to my new knowledge, screenshots of players doing exploit here :slight_smile:
Can moderator move this whole subject in order to follow the Mighty Guideline?

Well, you kinda went and exposed your GM pm conversation that has parts…hmm…quite ambiguous.

I am suprised the whole post wasnt deleted to be honest.

However, i feel i should state that i didnt flag any answer here.

I would be crazy to flag the first interesting thing that happened in this forums in recent memory.

Also, i second that. And talking to authorities here, please reinstate our pm conversation, the argument is not properly understood without it.

non-hypocritical shadow:

“Also, i second that. And talking to authorities here, please reinstate our pm conversation, the argument is not properly understood without it.”

look at you two lovebirds, holding hands and all, cute!

but no, someone showed up and deleted stuff and thats it. our lord has struck down what he deems blasphemous and were not supposed to speak unless spoken to!

best chance would be to hire obsidian fang as a medium, i hear he holds weekly séances to communicate with the devs through telekinesis.