Clans...where are you?

I have been applying to clan after clan and nothing. How the heck do I earn ore withoujt them?
Are there any clans recruiting?
Do any of them have a Discord server/channel?
Survivor needs to know.

Buy ore on the market?

Aside from that, I believe there are extensive threads on here about it… meaning, you can find more answers & you’re not alone in your frustration. Good luck.

Expensive for a new player

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If you’re new, I’d encourage you to ignore clans, uranium & relics for a very long time.

Kind of hard to ignore when one keeps getting blasted by relics.
But I get it.
I definitely hit a wall when I made level 20.

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I’ve been playing for 5 years. I don’t have any relics… may never get 'em.

I’d suggest, instead, working on upgrading/fusing the components, movement parts, cab & lastly weapons you like using the best.

OK. Thanks for the advice.

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Yeah, here’s the thing… relics aren’t the best weapons in the game, they’re the dearest.

It’s all about cobbling up the car, within certain PS brackets, and, well, getting good.

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Getting good…haha
Thats what everyone says.


Just an example: huginn, 4 goblins, 2 shivers, 2 augers, a dozen of durability plates. All fits within 5k PS limit. And you can pump it up to 5500 with Golden Eagle and a few more bumpers.

The main point here is that it’s an underbuild: goblins hide below huginn and between augers. You just strafe and go any way you want, until you find an enemy in front of your car. Then you blast them to smithereens.

This is covered elsewhere, but…

I’d suggest focusing fully upgrading/fusing a build for:
Machine guns,

The reason being is that there’s a rotating set of challenges requiring those weapons.

Upgrade/fuse the hardware first… meaning coolers, radiators, engines & radar because you’ll be able to use them on tons of different builds.

Upgrade wheels & cab next for the same reason.

Upgrade weapons last (but do upgrade them). The reason is that once you get a decent base build, it’s easy to replace weapons.

Upgraded builds will be much stronger than non-upgraded ones… and when you’re new & getting slaughtered, this is likely a big part of why that’s happening. You’re fighting against dudes with the same weapons you have at the same powerscore, but their guns fire longer, more accurately, and punch harder.

Good luck… the game gets really satisfying once you start to learn all the crazy parts combos you can create.

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Now that’s advice I can use

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And, of course, there’s a couple of limitations for clans.

First of all, only top clans earn uranium. Above bronze or something like that, I’m not sure.

Second, good clans require of you to have at least some build fit to fight in them cuckwars. Last time I heard it was Kaiju on ML. The least one. The bare minimum.

Third, well, skill good enough to win. Winners get uranium. Losers don’t get uranium. And you don’t earn it like you do with scrap metal or copper. I’m not sure of the process but it takes longer than that.

P.S. And a good set of relics requires 600 ore*number of relics. Could be 2, could be 5. Not to mention all the other resources and two legendary items (per one relic) to sacrifice for craft.

Ok thanks for the relic breakdown.

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Oh, a little more about ore: even if you’re in top-60 (IIRC only they get uranium), you can only get 100 ore maximum per week or 150 with premium.

You also have to finish at least 10 battles during a season to get reward. Seasons are time-gated (4 or 4x2 hours during the day) so you also have to spend a lot of time in the game.

Keep in mind that for relic you also have to finish a ton of hard raids for electronics and another ton of any raids for copper. And a lot of PvP for wires. And a lot of PvP with fuel tanks remaining to earn fuel for raids. It’s hard grind so you either spend all your time here or you buy stuff. Or pick any other game, if those options do not suit you :man_shrugging:

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It’s real. That is why there is a driver and a gunner in most military vehicles.
It’s also not just about while actively in a pvp game. It’s also about getting good at building (or selecting a build off exhibition).

Most of all it’s about having fun. Make a planned build. Work toward that. Work on opening all your factions to level 10.

Depending on how much you play, you can take one good build, play it and earn a relic 's worth of coins in 6-7 months (some say it takes them 3months).
Or you can take that immense amount of coin, have shotguns, autocannons, missiles, melee …
You know, variety.

If you are a VERY competitive person go for CW’s and relics.

I prefer CW over all other modes, but it does take a long time to be competitive, build wise.

I think a good fused cabin has a bigger impact than anything else…especially if it is a durable one.

Buy battle passes. This is the fastest way to collect some good fused gear. Affordable at $10.

Dont burn yourself out. As an example, if you hate raids, dont do them. The payoff doesnt justify doing stuff you dont enjoy.


I joined a clan because I was all-but-promised windfalls of uranium. Ha! Yeah, so the clan finally has enough interested people to play clan battles. We did about 8 sets; you have to win 2 out of 3 battles in a set. We lost every single battle, since we don’t have anything resembling spaced-armor builds or the top weaponry to arm them with. My takeaway is that, the idea of clan battles is great, but it’s geared for end-gamers, not the riffraff.

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I agree… better yet, get a build that is easily customizable so you can farm those challenges. Swap out weapons on a good build. 5 years in, and I have at least 4 builds I swap the weapons out on.

I second everything @91423005 Claysdad said above. Spot on.

@80196194 PatentsPending, too…

Really good advice from all, really.

I wish someone had told me this stuff so I didn’t waste so much time.

my experience was that I was constantly getting invited to clans just by flipping people back over in battle. I did it, still do it all the time. I still get asked if I’m in a clan here and there, even though I got my clan tag and all…new players I suppose. So, I would just say be as helpful as you can in battle, more supportive rather than fighting in the front line. That may help.

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