Clanwars Reform

Unfortunately so many clans die because of CW disputes
my CW/Clan reform suggestion: every player in the clan gets a uranium/resource reward at the end of the week. Consists of CW victories and mission points earned during the week.
Promotes the cohesion of the clans, no more uranium disputes, very good players earn clan points through CW victories, other players through clan points earned from missions.
The total weekly clan points earned determine the uranium/resource reward.
I think everyone wins that way… Players have more fun, there are less arguments and the game wins more players in the long run. Because the CW entry hurdle has become quite high in the meantime

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That is how Clan Wars was for years before they changed it to this model, they changed it because the Dev’s didn’t like people who didn’t participate in matches getting free uranium/gold when they sold it, and if I recall correctly they also lowered the amount of uranium that is awarded too, gotta buy the gold packs and now Crosscrown packs!

And before this their system every clan got uranium, if I recall correctly if that’s wrong someone will correct me

sure, with so few clans and tough farming and even tougher competition, they could facilitate access to uranium, albeit in a small amount

You just have to accumulate a lot of mission points a week to get 1, 2 or 3 uranium. Otherwise it’s just scrap metal.
This is a suggestion on how to make the game more attractive to newcomers…

As I’ve suggested in another thread, I think what CW needs are about three more leagues below the current lowest one, with powerscore and blueprint limitations for CW. For example: the new lowest rank would allow a max PS of 8K and cyan equipment, second lowest 10K and purple, third lowest 12K and yellow.

I think the biggest issue right now is that even rust league is chock-full of relic spam, and with the requirement of 3 different, competitive builds, even if we consider legendaries competitive, the cost of entry is way too high. Most people either buy their way to the top, or never participate in CW at all, this need to change, and Gaijin/Targem would be bound to profit from increased CW participation as well, as more people would get a taste for it and spend money eventually.