Clash of engineers: A vehicle for Gronch issue

This is the first time I ever paid interest to one of these competitions and I’m confused.
Almost all of the build you can vote for don’t respect the competition rules.

  • They are over the 8000 PS
  • They’re using parts higher than epic (besides decorations)
  • They look nothing like vehicles
  • They are not usable in battle (eg. have no weapons)

Is this normal? Why even have rules if they are not enforced?


I’m curious if the devs enforce the rules once it comes to the actual winners.
Like if a build wins the most votes, but doesn’t meet the requirements, do they just disqualify it and pick the next most popular one?

I haven’t really paid attention to the clash until recently, and while I’ve noticed a lot of rule breaking in the submissions, it seemed to me that all the actual winners I’ve seen did follow all the rules.

They seem to expect people to report the violations. You can do that if you use the context menu. on PC it would be right click on the thumbnail of the build.

Yes it’s normal a lot of people apparently do not read the full instructions every time.

These are rules for getting your vehicle selected to go in the SHOP, not the contest. Those parameters are for Pack Purchases

Oh it is even worse, 2 of the winners on PC outright break the rules. (only second place is in compliance.)

And most the damn vote builds where just 9k CC builds painted red for some reason.

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Nope, 1st and 3rd on PC break the rules.

This is a farce of a contest. I couldn’t find my build AT ALL even though it was registered the first day. So I logged onto my son’s account and yup, it simply was not presented for voting at all. And yes, it was saved with NY24 and entered properly.

The voting window cycle of showing the same f’ng builds to vote on over and over. F’ing Thomas the Train copies. Really? They get shown but original builds do not?

When half the entries are just downloaded off the exhibition with an echo changed out for the cabin, how is it a real contest?

Garbage implementation of this so called “contest”.

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Clash has never been fair

I didn’t even bother with this one after the last clash debacle.

There were 3 of us who were involved in it; it took HOURS for me just to find their vehicles. When I went looking for mine, I found it ONCE after an hour, BUT I saw close to a dozen vehicles repeated SEVERAL TIMES before I found mine. When I came back the next day, I didn’t see mine at all (I gave up after half an hour of looking). It’s like after you pressed “next”, the scrolling mechanism just gave you 3 vehicles at random, not the next few in the chain.

I didn’t look through the the submissions, but I’m sure there were better builds than what won. I’m not crazy about any of the winners.

I might have given it a try, but it was an obvious attempt at consumer manipulation right up front, with the cab being promoted in the store. I don’t dig the slither they do. If they could just make an honest deal, that’d be great. I’m not a tight-wad. I just prefer honest scales.