Clash of Engineers: Back in action?

No mention of having to use the Cerberus here - that's mentioned in-game

One day, Scar AB found an old magazine with images of cars that existed before Crossout and got the idea to gather a collection of such cars. Rumours of Scar AB’s collection quickly spread throughout the Valley. People from all parts of the Valley began to flock to see the wonders of the automobile industry. Of course, many of them expected to drive back behind the wheel of a new car. But Scar AB wasn’t rushing to get rid of his beloved “toys” that were so hard to obtain. Thus, the idea of the “Destructive toys” store was born. Wasteland engineers, this is your chance not only to become famous and get unique awards, but also to become the author of a new armoured car, which will be sold in the in-game store. Plus, you’ll earn some coins!


  • Entry submission: from 10:00 UTC, 26 September 2023 to 09:59 UTC, 1 October 2023
  • Voting: from 10:00 UTC, 1 October 2023 to 11:59 UTC, 4 October 2023
  • Awarding: 12:00 UTC, 4 October 2023


Build an armoured car that meets the requirements. The armoured car must be able to move on its own. Share your entry on the Exhibition during the submission stage and don’t forget to add the ABS tag to its name. Pay attention to additional requirements and limitations in the conditions!

You can see full conditions of the contest, as well as the prize fund, at the Exhibition in the “Clash of Engineers” section

This contest is a mistake. It should be cancelled.

I logged in probably a few hours after the contest started. I notice the lit up dot in the Exhibition pane, read the rules, and, big surprise, there are no Cerberi being sold! (I finally managed to buy one 4.5 hours later, when this post was almost finished.)

Most can’t participate in the contest because they didn’t own a Cerberus before it started, and now they may not be able to buy one.

They’re excluded from the contest for such a mundane reason as the inability to buy the one key component. Some builders belong to the ‘cool club.’ They’re favored by the moderators, administrators and developers. What if some of them are excluded from participation? How ridiculous would that be? The issue with not being able to buy a Cerberus affects players across the board.

When they were recruiting builders last summer, I didn’t apply because I didn’t want to give them any more of my personal data than they already had. And because it was going to be free work - they didn’t need my personal data! No legal documents being signed, no money transferred - no need for personal information! It’s that simple! Take my time, take the vehicles that I’d build - or not - and be grateful that someone gave you their time to build something for this grossly neglected and mismanaged game that you do not care to make fun to play. I’d do that because I’m a devoted player, I care about Crossout, more than the developers. Or at least more than Alex and Yuri, neither of whom should be allowed to make key development decisions.

I’ve been wanting to apply regarding this year’s builder recruitment ad, and trying to come up with a way to apply without providing the personal information they mistakenly requested. Because it’s dumb. If they aren’t paying me money, there’s no need for that.

And now this retardation.

Ownership of a Cerberus doesn’t equal being a competent builder.

Botom line: typical melee players have an opinion of simpletons with a limited imagination. But if they use the Cerberus a lot, it would make sense they’d be able to come up with effective combat vehicles. So that part seems fine. Still, I wouldn’t necessarily trust them to build something that looks and works well enough to be put in a marketable pack.

Then there are different kinds of vehicles that can be built with this cabin.
What exactly is the purpose of this contest? Did they run out of builders?
A strictly melee vehicle? A Firestarter car? It’s said in the rules that more than one may end up getting added to the Store. I guess we’ll see what works, and what not so much. Maybe the submissions will mostly serve as inspiration. I hope whatever is chosen for the pack(s), gets properly tested.

There is also the issue of availability of other building components. How many players have access to all the parts, paints and stickers that are in the game? In the summer of 2021, during the Clash contest to build a mobile Nomad base, the two railing variants couldn’t be bought. They were only released in the Founders season, in early 2020. My first thought in connection with that contest was: railings. I had enough, but many weren’t so lucky.

The builder of a pack vehicle should have access to all parts, paints and stickers.

Which would normally be someone who passed the recruitment procedure and has access to all of that, through a special additional account.

All I want is a fair chance at participation in the contest, for everyone. But it shouldn’t have happened in the first place, so it’s best to cancel it early on, and see the recruitment procedure through. Although that doesn’t guarantee stellar results, as was shown on the example of the pack “Shinobi.”

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to build another leaked helicarrier, and an art piece that one of my fans has been asking about for three weeks now. As far as building stuff for Crossout goes, I’m busy. But now that I finally bought a Cerberus, I’ll get to building for this contest. Though having bought it doesn’t feel much better. If only because the contest is fundamentally flawed, due to access being based on luck. BTW, having to watch the market for hours or days will be a very unnecessary distraction for anyone who wants to participate.

A sample gallery of my work. To provide some background of someone who wants to help them build, but may not be able to due to the official recruitment procedure.

2023.09.26 001
2023.09.26 002a
Fig. 1. This buggy got the 2nd place in the buggy building contest of the summer '22. The first place went to a relatively simple Sponge Bob car. Built by a kid from the ‘cool club,’ so it had to be first. The results were posted only on Reddit, thus hidden in a way, despite the contest having been announced on the Crossout website.
Reddit - Dive into anything

2023.01.16 004
Fig. 2. This is Witch Ivy XO that I submitted to the Halloween Clash contest of '22. Met all the requirements. She was removed by a moderator, just when I may finally have had a shot at the 1st place. You may remember the login page at the time, or the official calendar wallpapers. The amount of ‘erotic content’ was very similar to those.

Pink Jungle Frog 005
Fig. 3. This frog got nothing in the Discord frog contest this year. A few players told me that it was their favorite. Submitted a few hours before the deadline, took me 6 hours to build, and then some more time to polish and place the stickers. And one sleepless night. I won’t say it wasn’t for nothing. That situation taught me that making someone smile is a better reward than the Dark Aquamarine paint (which would be hard to use in art pieces anyway, so it’d mostly be just a trophy).

Also, one of the winners’ nick isn’t even among the participants. As if one of the paints went so someone who didn’t submit a frog. What’s that about? I still need to report that. Maybe that’s one way to get that paint. Getting those contest paints is hard. I don’t mind fierce competition. But when some punk agrees to work on a Sunday, and then doesn’t want to work on a Sunday, and the winners are announced just 59 minutes after the deadline, it’s a problem. Choosing the winners before the dealine (probably around 2 days in advance) is harmful to a contest, because it defeats the purpose of conducting it, of there being a submission deadline in the first place. But this game has had more problems with keeping deadlines. Like when on 2021.10.21, they ended Operation Ashen Ring 3 days and 18 hours ahead of schedule. Thus making serious people miss out on some of the unique rewards (e.g., the first “No to Ravagers” sign). I was busy editing and uploading YT videos abut Crossout, and that was my reward.

Fig. 4. This car was among the 10 winners of this year’s summer building contest. I didn’t need the “Patriot” pack that much, but I guess I wanted to make up for what happened with the frog contest. And yes, I’m still trying to make up for that. Two of the winning pieces had a Saviour as the cabin - which is not very creative. They were well put together overall, but I’d have chosen the walking Dubai or the floating Japanese island instead. Too bad those didn’t make it.

2023.08.04 001
Fig. 5. This painting was an in-game reproduction of the official August artwork picture. To have some fun with the available stickers. Posted to the exhibition on 2023.08.04, IIRC.

2023.08.04 002
Fig. 6. This was another art piece ‘announcing’ the new movement part. Posted along with the above picture.

2023.08.04 003
Fig. 7. This combat car was an attempt at showing that I’d already had the new movement part. Posted along with the above two.

2023.08.04 004
Fig. 8. This car has increased my average raid scores, and allowed me to better compete against ACs. For a Heather car, it seems to be somewhat popular among this weapon’s users. Posted along with the above three, closing the ‘ball wheel series.’

2023.09.26 004
Fig. 9. My dragon in the summer Clash contest. Came in 64th. An example of getting stuck on an initial idea and not revising enough.

2923.09.21 004
Fig. 10. This was an attempt at reproducing the leaked tail decor part from the next season (they based it on the Ka-52, but added a rotor, to fit non-coaxial designs). Posted on the exhibition on 2023.09.05

2023.09.18 002
Fig. 11. The Mogrificatron. A relic generator. Each Ravager Gimp adds 1 point of energy. Spontaneously transmogrifies 1 Slave into a Ravager Gimp every 30 days. A Slave Level-Up Pack can be bought in the Store for only $9.99, to instantly transmogrify 1 Slave. Upon destruction, nukes the entire battlefield. Only vehicles with the cabin shielded with the Barrier IX’s or the Aegis’ force field can survive the explosion. When destroyed, 1 Ravager Gimp changes back into a Slave. “Gaijin has you.”
The building of this complex art piece began on 2023.08.17. It was posted on the exhibition on 2023.09.14. The delay was largely due to prolonged exploration of a perfect final form. The Depths of the Wasteland update, with which Alex punished the playerbase for the Steam review bombing campaign by making everything gray and ugly, was the right time to release this gloomy piece.

2023.09.21 002
Fig. 12. An in-game reproduction of a leaked helicarrier. Mine was in the game before the developers even released theirs! :grinning: And it’s the only way to fly it, because it won’t be controllable by players, as I assume. Posted on the exhibition on 2023.09.20.

2023.09.21 003
Fig. 13. The leaked helicarrier with some helicopters (the Annihilators represent the helicarrier’s turbines). Posted on the exhibition on 2023.09.20.

I enjoy building in Crossout, and posting on the exhibition both art and leaks, as well as the occasional combat vehicle. But I won’t play by unnecessarily intrusive rules. I’ll see if I can somehow participate in the recruitment procedure, or circumvent its inherent obstacles through some back channels. But I won’t compromise my principles just because someone dosn’t understand that they don’t need my personal information if there is no money being transferred.

Now that I think about it, this contest is a way to get noticed and ‘recruited.’ Perhaps the simulation decided to provide such a roundabout way. Funny things happen. Still, I don’t like the grim prospect of a future full of omnipresent cameras, robots, everything supervised by AI. A veritable prison planet with no privacy. And forget about the 500 million promised on the Georgia Guidestones. It’s probably more like 50 million, or less. Good luck! :rofl:


I’d forgive them for this mostly because it’s an under loved cab.


I decided to enter an old cerebus build of mine, which is the first time I’ve ever entered the competition.

I like that cabin, and the build hit a decent amount of likes and downloads when I put it on the exhibition.

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I did the same.,

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The purpose of this… is money. It’s only a $65 pack guys c’mon.

And the pack just went on sale :moneybag:

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I’m not even gonna bother with these clash of the bs events, always the same 10 to 12 people winning it and most just steal from the exhibition or fart around with a current build their using, but people who build from scratch don’t even make in the top 50 so :fu: this event


Clash of the engineers is a joke. During like a dragon there was one build that kept constantly popping up that literally said trolled with a art build of a troll face that you see in countless internet memes and to believe that nearly won and it was builds like that that the moderators or whoever were responsible for vetting let take place in the voting process up until it ended.
This build right here is what took third place lol, like how is this in the style of the syndicate or a dragon even


It’s a mech, that would be Syndicate and it’s pretty cool.

Nah it’s not, stolen from the exhibition as I’ve seen at least 20 versions of that build long before and after that clash of bs event

It would take some reforms to how exhibitions works and saves to really figure out sub-variant builds.


Yeah, having the function of showing who originally uploaded it that saying what submissions are just copies or derivable would be nice

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The amount of non-cerb builds in it is cracking me up…

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That’s weird, I could have sworn I needed to meet the requirements of having that cabin before I submitted mine.

They are in there and their code is not not stringent for allowing them to be there.

It would be amazing if a build won that doesn’t use the cabin.

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Imagine coercing players into buying a pack or spending inflated coin just to enter a contest all for the Cerbus to not win. :joy:


That’s pretty much what I was laughing at.

I voted for a lot of builds today, saw some nice stuff.
Seeing some other people’s work made me realize I never should have scrapped that tow truck hoist decor thing. Now I’m going to have to buy it back on the market.

This event is pretty funny, on one hand there’s the builds not using a Cerberus at all, and on the other, if I read it right they are making something that will or might be a pack? that they sell, and you see stuff like cerberus + 2 purple meelee weapon + a harvester + like 8 sabbaths and so on, on a single build, yeah if that wins there’s no way they are gonna sell that, if they would it’d be so pricey that they’d become a laughing stock

And there are other fun things as well, like that 10 fake mammoths and using unobtainable past event super-rare and tournaments paints, a different one on each one, if something like that won and they’d have to crash the value of the inflatable mammoths and many “super duper speshul” paints it would also be humorous.

On the other hand we also see how much say the developers themselves have in builds winning, if the winner is a build that offers not that much items, a reasonable usual pack amount, but at the same time leading to the build itself kinda looking like hot dookie because they can’t go crazy on parts they include, that also might be hilarious because then the winner only won because it was not a build that the players could take too much advantage over or get too many parts because we gotta sell them more packs than just one so we can get more money

I’m more angry of the 1st place, it’s just a random dragon, even if it was a “syndicate” build it’d be a parade float at most. I think that the winner should have been an actual vehicle rather than a glorified parade float. I know the name of the competition was dragon something but that was more on the syndicate being an orient faction, and they were looking for actual builds rather than le samurai house and straight up dragon

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I hope you guys are excited to buy chord/power unit/barrier build on gun mount wheels

I sure am not