Classes of heli so far

So far even though it is early in flights life we are starting to see some basic classes and sub classes of heli popping up in combat. bellow I am going to write my obeservations, and well I am hoping with time we get more classes and subclasses as well as players opinions on each.



The CQB of the helli world, these tend to employ short or medium ranged weapons for wrecking other copters. So far their common load outs are MGS, mining lasers, plasma cutters, the airburst shotgun, and that one shotgun that disables weapons and movement. Rarely you will see air to air copters armed with any flying drone though as those are easily countered by other air to air it is rare.

Game play wise the best way to make these is a light and fast cab with as little in the way of weight as possible, these almost never have a frame or wheeled movement parts though if they do have movement parts they are generally side mounted ATOMS used as barrier shields. these ones can be told as they spend time charging before battle.


The freaking tanks of the air world, these guys are generally heavily armored, are more likely to have some sort of wheels on them to add to the armor, and are almost always armed with medians, cannons, or of all things flutes. some are even armed with king mine layers or porcs that they just drop on targets. The worst of them to deal with is the meatball aka the avalanche heli, these things can easily one shot many ground vehicles do to angle of attack those tehy don’t one shot they strip the guns off of so watch out.

Thankfully these guys are weaker in their sky game, while a good pilot can win an air to air dual with cannons, vs a shotgun copter, most the time they are easy targets for air to air builds. that said be very careful if you run into a meatball, as it will one shot your heli if it hits… having a shield or Atoms can counter this though.

note, watch out for course cannon air to grounds, they tend to over pierce copters meaning you will loose a good chunk of your build if hit, and if anything explosive is in it, it is gone. generally one hit from these means you have lost your main countermessure the cloak.


these guys are generally reapers/millers, miniguns, auto cannons, medians, missiles, and/or dumb rockets. these guys always have a scope on their build. These builds are the most common at the moment do to new fliers seeming to prefer pyres over anything else, though once you get a hand on flying those tend to go to the wayside, players who like this type of play tend to swap to crickets and auto cannons as they gain skill. though most air to ground vehicles have at least one pyre for countermeasure poke.

Sadly these fall on the jack of all trades flaw in crosssout meaning they never excell at anything but are ok at everything. that said they have one glaring weakness in all builds of it CQB. these guys are easy targets for air to air. like extremely easy targets to the point if you are air to air and you see an autocannon or pyre build go get it. please note nests are air to air… unlike other missiles.

SUB classes seen so far.


These bastards are literally a compacted armored shell around a 12 an avalanche. They are extremely hard to blow out of the sky if you can’t focus the rotor, and even then there is a good chance they have some sort of armor module protecting that rotor. They are also highly likely to use ATOMS for that shielding of the wheels meaning taking them out can be near impossible. that said depending on the pilot you might be able to just outright ignore them until they are the last person.


these tend to be medium cab copters armed with twin retchers, in the hybrid category though they lean heavily to air to air despite having the ability to make the heli from half life 2s carpet bomb look like a joke. do not get close to these, they are only really countered by other hybrid craft, if you do get close kiss your weapons and rotor good by…


Blockchains or any of the burst lasers, these are some of the kings of air to air. blockchains can easily strip guns and rotors especially if the guns and rotors are not connected to pass through and high HP parts. while their killing potential in the air is lower then other air to air, a good athron shotgunner will take you down 2x faster, they are really good at stripping you of anything to allow you to fight back.

Should be noted their favorite targets are anyone who uses, trombones, pyers, or nests. seriously if you have those these guys will focus you and it is on sight of your name in the match from now on.

Seriously these guys will even focus hybrids if they put a single trombone on for damage support. just something about this build type attracts the missile haters. (which is a good thing.)


Aka guys who for some reason bring the kaiju or that one 11 energy railgun into the match as air. both of those work better in ground to air rolls and when using them in air to air or air to ground you are going to miss 10x more then you hit, especially when you have to deal with their firing quarks.


You haven’t seen the guy with a simple 3-piece build: 1 rotor, sprinter cab, and 1 scorpion. Got rid of me fast. Three times straight. :frowning:

ha, it better be a footlong

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I don’t know about the build, but their projectiles are.

For Helis, I think Air to Air is king as you can often just ignore the ground until it is time to mop up after the air to air battle has concluded. The strongest air to air guns I’ve seen are 1. Punishers, 2. Starfalls, 3. Nothungs, 4. Destructors. For air to air battles it is generally best to shoot the rotors on opposing copters rather than go for a kill or try to degun. The rotors are a lot bigger of a target and there are less of them.

I play Nothungs on a Griffon cab but the Nova cab might be even better. I use Griffon because new missiles can’t lock onto you when the Griffon perk is active which is 11 seconds long. This is enough time to kill a homing missile player.

Also, cabs using the Griffon perk are extremely hard to see, as players depend on their radars to help with air battles. Nova cab with the shield perk might be even better than Griffon.

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The problem with focussing on air-to-air is that if there are decent human players on the ground, they will focus on taking you down.
I am surprised at how vulnerable helicopters are to ground attacks, although that may change as people adjust how they build.

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On Xbox, so far, there aren’t really any dedicated ground to air players to worry about. That’s probably going to change at some point.

Not many on PS4 either, but I’m seeing more this week than last week.

I think it’s taking people a while to realize that ground builds are actually competitive in air battles.

I was doing that for fuel but there’s too many bots to even have fun

Yeah right now the meta is moving slowly but eventually the heli mode will have a good mix of ground and air builds. as it is the mode maxes at 4 heli’s so the only way to get a full 8 player vs 8 player is for there to be ground players.

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What PS are you playing?
On PS4, I’m finding that higher PS air battles are pretty dead and full of bots, but I’m getting a decent amount of full-human matches around 9kPS.
I suspect that confrontation mode has more people playing that PS range in normal PVP.