Classic Garage?

Just logged in, and was expecting to see the classic garage back. Got the 7 days of premium subscription but no classic garage. Am i missing something?

Also why still the over the top stupid explosions when destroying vehicles??? was hoping they would have done something about it with the update.

Explosions are great! The burning wrecks add a lot of atmosphere too.


I’m pretty sure this is going to stay.

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Any ideas why i’m not seeing the classic garage?

Did you check in the part of the menu where you select your garage?
(Not trying to be insulting, I didn’t know it was there for years)

Where abouts? no insult taken. Cheers

Success, found it. Never seen that page either, was looking through the setting menu instead of the Profile tabs. Thanks for your help

Shame, I have found the game to look better by going in to setting and turning most of the graphic setting to Low or Off. Crossout is the only game i play that looks better with most of the setting turned right down. I just find the explosions (with all graphics maxed out) look like they have taken them straight from Lost Planet from 2006. I can’t say i think they look upgraded.

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I wonder where console graphics sit on that curve? As far as I know most of our settings are locked, except for the new things they just added.
Is what we see the maxed out PC version, or are some settings toned down for us?

It would be interesting to have PC and console side by side on the same TV’s/Monitors to compare the graphics

I’m also curious if there’s any difference between XBOX and PS4

On Xbox we also have a Xbox Series X version of the game. I also wonder the difference between regular Xbox and series X versions.

I have seen photos of some of peoples “PCs” that they use to play this game and not to upset the master race but my Series X is way more of a gaming machine then most of the old potato’s out there.

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I noticed that on PS4, motion blur, lens flare, and maybe one of the other new effects was turned off by default, and had a warning that they could impact performance.
I turned everything on, but haven’t noticed any performance issues yet.

It’s not a performance issue, I run most games with nearly all setting maxed out and resolution is always 4K. The game runs fine with all setting maxed out, it just looks sh*t. The biggest thing for me is the explosions and how bad they look. Again, there is no lagging, stuttering, ect, the graphics just look out dated. Also my PC is some what faster than a Series X, that’s not meant as any sort of insult,

Classic garage brings back memories.


I still don’t agree. The old explosions were not satisfying and looked 2D to me. The new ones are ridiculous and exciting.

Extreme nostalgia driving around in the classic garage. So many memories

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It would be nice if there was an option to turn them off. Its clear that some people like them and some don’t. I’m sure this would be possible to add it to the setting.