Client numbers dropping?

After a couple of months break from X.O I have returned and noticed many changes to the game & some not for the good of player benefits. Adventure mode 20 sides for the blue coins gone amongst may other changes to obtain them and receiving far less. WTH? Then the mass exodus of player base. Even youtubers have walked away from the once great content for Crossout enthusiast’s. IMHO the heart beat of the game flat lining into Vfib. I understand the point of producing a F2P game is to gain monetary gain. However so many changes the constant drone of nerf/ buffs makes this an unstable platform for the f2p clients. Many of us have paid for packs, battle passes and other goods the game offers to support the game and was happy to contribute. However if this new norm of battle passes which seems to offer less and the new norm for factions you either pay to get in or its forever lost with the temporary crafting blueprints continues. This games destiny is going into the history books never to be played again. The idea is for you the producers to make $$ from this, However if you keep up this new norm which has killed other f2p games You too will go down into the history books as a failed game. "Spread the love, throw the dog a bone " some times returning to ones roots is a well needed healing process . Please don’t drive this great game into the great recycle bin in the net.


Constant buffs and nerfs are inevitable with any long term game, even triple A games with multiplayer or pvp in any way tend to have this happen. That’s not something that can change but their way of doing the balance changes in order to squeeze packs and cash from people is predatory and terrible… this game is so not player friendly anymore… not that it really ever was but it’s more anti-player than ever before.

I posted this on Reddit not long ago which I think sums everything up -


There’s a reason it’s been nothing but negative with an outlier influx of players due to other versions shutting down and forcing them to play elsewhere, inflating the increase %'s earlier this year -