Everybody seems to adopt this basic strategy every game.
But is it really the best?.
The slow guys on each team get chewed up by the fast guys from the opposing team.

There must be a better strategy to protect all kinds of builds
Maybe we should all go the Bot route?.


XD…Australia goes the other way …(thats just an old myth on the water draining thingy)
but i now follow our bots and shoot there bots and just keep running around shooting everyone.
cap has no point anymore,but if u want to cap,go to it when there is only 1 cap.
them 3 caps r useless and ur team needs ur help !


clockwise teams are the worst. If something in this game makes me tilt and go play something else, it’s usually it.

I drive down the middle with a god damn radar, take out he bots then take out whatever enemy looks split from the team, or dragging their feet.

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Buncha nances. You can tell from the start which team is more likely to lose - it’s the one doing the wider circle, because they’re running away from the battle more than the team doing the smaller radius. I got reminded of this recently, when I had to switch to the ground mode for the bunny hologram quest (more bunnies there). In the helicopter mode, it doesn’t happen, so I’d forgotten about this nonsense.

Sandy Gulf is an extreme example of how bad teams are these days, because one team will go left + low ground = lose, while the other goes left + high ground = win. Years ago, they used to go right + high ground quite often, but these days it probably doesn’t happen anymore.

The popular Russian tactic of all rushing at the enemies, mindless as it sometimes may seem, has the advantage of striking in one group. Plus, any artillery lagging behind should be safer in such a scenario. IIRC, there used to be less running away from combat in 2017 and 2018. I guess one could cut through the middle using a Yeti and attack the rear of the enemies fleeing to the left, with a Griffon, in case there’s some genius with a Verifier on that team.