Close range weapon ranges

So I was doing some testing on just how far away you can be from a build on a few supposedly close range weapons and still do considerable damage to the enemy. Not optimal, but good enough to stay at such a range and take shots at the enemy rather than driving any closer, and these supposedly close range weapons just have way too much range where they still are effective even if not putting out optimal damage

First build has imps and fidgets, second build has breakers, third one is hammerfalls and last one is nidhoggs

I think these ranges are unreasonable, mind you that they are where if you back up even a little you loose all damage or any effective damage and doing like 10 per shot, but no wonder these guns are so effective when you can stay this far away from the enemy, or start dishing out damage at this far away that only gets stronger the closer you get to an enemy


Did you look at realistic speeds after that?

its not news that close range weapons are overpowered


That is almost like saying: x weapon can shoot across the entire map! It is unreasonable to think anyone could compete with a close range weapon, when this can kill you before you ever get close enough to do damage!

Both are silly approaches, as neither are reasonable concerns. Those close range weapons you reference will lose fights fighting at those distances. The spread of damage renders the low values inflicted as close to irrelevant (outside of breaker perk shot).

The meta is already shifting away from SGs. More and more MGs are showing up, as they can strip SGs before they can get to effective range. SGs still have a role but we are seeing fewer and fewer complete teams of SG bricks.

The next complaint will be arbiters: devs over buffed arbiters! I cant approach woth close range and they disarm my range weapons before I can destroy them!


What distances? Maps in Crossout are tiny, even the largest of maps are very small for the gameplay.


Yeah these ranges are big reason I run an Aegis and learned how to use it well… during the 8K uranium mode I had to drop my Aegis and I had to play so safe it almost felt stupid at times.

Having to stay so far away from weapons that are considered close range is just stupid, the speed in which Hammerfalls and Gravastars in this mode would make my guns spark is just wild. I know my guns are just open to the elements but 2-3 shots at their supposed max range shouldn’t be making 360hp guns spark, sometimes both of them too.

Plus if you make the mistake of not already going 80-100kmh you can seemingly be caught up with or your opponent simply keeps enough speed to do constant damage at that max range, it’s kinda wild.

crossout maps are so tiny to try to compare short range and long range. even if the dog builds were not invisible and you did have actual angles to shoot them, you cant kill them in time and i doubt you can strip them in time

Crater is the only open long range map in the game and it’s funny how you see people say it needs removing all the time, presumably because it’s the only map melee/dog/bricks struggle on.

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This is my favorite map. I’ve done long range and close battle on it. I wish they would make more maps but this one I’d like to stay.


I like it too, but because I use a lot of passive melee to support my drones (I can’t be bothered to aim or keep guns much anymore), and I need speed and a running start to make that work. Many of the other maps are too claustrophobic, and with even a little lag I find myself stuck on walls and obstacles way too much. It’s frustrating.

I do think the new map has a good flow, and is arranged well, despite it being somewhat small. It’s a better map than many of the others, IMO.

On Topic:
Guns just suck in low PS, They’re all too flimsy and that’s why everybody uses melee, I presume. I tried a shotgun build (very generic wedge) after reading this thread yesterday, and those just got picked off like child’s play by ACs. I didn’t find my fused Maces to be worth a damn.

Also, despite there supposedly being a durability buff to wheels, they seem like they are also coming off much easier since the update. Mine sure don’t feel like they got a durability buff. They feel like they’ve been nerfed, and I finish matches with fewer wheels left way more often than prior to this last update.

Fortunately, they are selling new, more durable, wheels in this new battle pass. :wink:


umm get the fire rate perk on them and they fire stupid fast while cooldown is also fast.

1: imps and fidgets are kind of absurd. they are supposed to have very bad accuracy but can spray bullets like a madman with a minigun. they have a long effective range for some reason…
2: dude breakers have ALWAYS been broken. their range is absolutely stupid to and its why alot of people ran them in clan wars. i always made the joke that you could snipe a tylenol with those damn things from across the map. breakers can do alot of damage even at far ranges and the spacing you need just to not take damage is so dumb. i think they are the farthest reaching shotgun in here. i dont count the parsers cause they are a charge shotgun. you gotta charge it to get that range.
3: i used to run hammerfalls but they were useless. they get stripped so fast you look and say “i thought i had a gun there…” if you want a broken shotgun look at maces. absolutely stupidly hard to hit, tiny ass hitbox, deals alot of damage, has good range.
4: i have 1 nidhogg and man its range is a bit absurd. its supposed to be a very close quarters shotgun, meanwhile i can snipe the guy in the next city over with it. :rofl:

i do agree though that they do have excessive range.

One of the many reasons why there are so few players and there won’t be more. New players get disgusted by this realization and leave. :vulcan_salute:

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Didn’t you uninstall and quit like 15 times?


thats what happens when a game is a total monopoly, you get mad and uninstall, and then you realize there is nothing else to play

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Yes and I will do it soon after 16. I’m just sorry to just leave the money I poured into this waste. :vulcan_salute:

It’s definitely not, I’m sorry to just leave the money I poured into this waste. Apart from this garbage, I also play other games that are 100% better and I already have 2500 hours in them.

what other games do you play as alternative to crossout?

Elite Dangerous

You my number one customer the data shows me, not gone to total waste lol, I leave it at that.