Cm hunt

Hello, survivors!

The new update is out, and we hope you’ve had some time to play the game after it became available. Now we invite you to take part in another interesting activity, because we are starting the Hunt! During this week, our community managers will be the targets of this hunt: your_dead_heart, Faley016, KaIipsar. For the destruction of their vehicles, you will receive a reward — 2 “Military reserve” containers. They will be a nice addition to the reward received for the battle.

How can you participate in this event?

  • At the specified time, one of the community managers will write a message in the general chat about the start of the event and on what PS levels you will be able to find him;
  • At this time, you need to trust your luck and get into the same battle with him;
  • If you got into the opposite team, then during the battle you need to destroy his car, and for that you will receive the promised reward, 2 “Military reserve” containers.

When will this event take place?

  • October 26-30, November 1-2
    • 18:00 GMT

Good luck everyone, see you in the Wasteland!