Co-driver beep

This is not a huge deal but…

Can we please get an option to turn off the sounds when the co-driver effect becomes active?

If I’m just missing the option can someone tell me where it is?

We already have a lot of beeping noise coming from the game. Less is more IMO.

The sounds of XO are awesome, I hate to mess it up with this.

Please and thank you!

I would like to know this as well, with the callout and now this codriver beep there is just too much annoying ping noises going on left and right, if it is possible to turn off the codriver perk sound signals I would very much do so.

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Yeah, I want to be able to turn this one off too. We have a map indicator when they make a call out. If you watch your mini map you don’t need the sound too.

Options are always good. We just need a check box in the sound options, it can’t be hard.

I want an option to make mine extra loud lol. You have no idea how many times my clanmates tell me “you should have said so” after I 1- warned in vocal 2- spammed the shit out of pings. :joy:

There has been a ton of times in CWs where someone is like “Why didn’t you say anything” then the other two people say “He said it 3 times”…. Then “oh, I didn’t hear that” LOL

People don’t just have tunnel vision, I guess they have tunnel hearing too :rofl:

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