* Co Driver stuck on stupid..🤭

'yup i changed co d, but it stays at grizzly when i play confron clan wars…
yes…i did save it !

'fix this please,i wanted phobos.

‘edit’ nm my bad!

You can change it in the garage but of you dont save tovblueprints, it will not change in CW or confrontation

i already saved it! it didn’t change

Well this explains a lot. Couldn’t figure out why some of my confrontation builds felt so weak, but not I realize it was because they didn’t have the right co-driver.

Seems like something that should be fixed.

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i only have 1 car for confron,i know how to change a co driver and save it.and assembly it…
'but it didnt change…'maybe a bug or something?
i reboot my pc but now i have to wait 5 hours to see if this worked…always something with this game :crazy_face: :rofl:

'i think i know what your saying…i need to reapply the car for confron…rrrrgggggg too many steps!!

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It’s not something that is broken…. Well… it does work as intended, if that makes sense. It could use a change though

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but the saved build should automatically change in the cw in the blueprint is changed.
'because how could you use something that’s not there anymore…?
what if i deleted it,then i could still use it in cw because it’s saved there in cw? :thinking:

Agreed it should.

ya need to click the + in cw and change rides… :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
easy to forget with all the changes going on :kissing_heart:


If your only using one car you can “change” the ride by loading a new car into that slot.

Wait, do you end up with the co-driver of whatever car is loaded up in your garage, or is it selected separately in the clan window?

It’s the garage.

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the clan window is where you select your ride…
the co driver is in the garage .
but if you change co drivers you need to reselect your ride in cw for the changes to apply…

But apparently not how you select the co-driver.
Crossout does not have a particularly intuitive interface.


Ah, I was confused.
When I say “garage”, I mean the main window where you pick your car for PVP/PVE.
You are talking about the clan confrontation garage, right?

I think they changed CW a while back to alliw eaxh build to have its saved codriver. Am I mis-remembering?

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Ah ok, I did send Pooney a message saying I would test it and get back to him.

I Figured it might be that way with this mode Since it was like that in CWs. That is could have been an explanation for his issue.

I guess I assumed that Mud just didn’t forget to load his car :wink:

Thank you.

I know right, it’s the big boxes in the Confrontation screen. It’s tells you what build is loaded.

You click the big box on the bottom of the confrontation screen in the bottom left.


Then select the build


Then click add

Removed a few posts above to limit confusion for other people looking for information.
The original post was about drivers…. Not adding a car.

‘i already covered this,but you can do it again’… :face_with_peeking_eye:

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