Co-drivers are bland

I still find co-drivers really bland does any one else share this feeling?


I agree with you, but it should be if you have a Co-driver, you should get that extra bullet, power, inv, whatever the Co pilot is. It’s no different than fused weapons. Fusing them should give you a tiny bit more.

I have always stated that the makers of this game are trying to make most weapons,cabs, wheels… etc the same. It’s up to you to choose what you like.

I will state this: If you have a fused weapon… then they change the weapon… They should allow you to keep what you had fused before the change… My worthless 2 cents.

But Co Drivers should give you what you have decided to choose, and DH said it best… Bland.


P.S. … Forgot to mention… There will be some that will not agree with this…

I agree that it’s a given they should mostly give buffs, even if those come at a cost. They currently have a resource silo intel which is only used to purchase access to them too. I’m kind of wondering if they made a mistake simplifying them all down to all weapons or all defense abilities at a instant purchase where as that silo could have been used to rank them up purchasing and improving them to the users designs kind of a half and half with the older system that we thought was too expensive as it included grindable resources in the cost.

Like for instance it’s a given that there are items left out from the buffs co-drivers give but do we really need more co-drivers to cover those items or could we just purchase the existing ones new skills via the intel gains we already get. Then we could retain a relative simple group of co-drivers and the skill purchases would represent what we players train them for.

I’m not presenting this as a full idea though as I just kind of want to explore what the other players are thinking about them too.

They are not bland, apart of a couple of traits there isn’t much to differentiate them from each other. They are not fully developed.

hear me out. i’ll keep it short, i promise

This is the captain of my Bayern (WWI battleship). I had 19 points ( maxed out captain) to distribute between each skill. From Top row 1 point to bottom row 4 points each skill.
there’s 4 classes of ships all of them with different roles.
We all can have the exactly same captain but accordingly to what skill each one of us chose to better serve the type of ship each one of us have.
But in the same class of ships we can opt for different builds
In this particular build you are seeing a tank build, to optimize the survivability ( + heals, less cooldown time to repair party, heals, a snappy repair party, more protection against HE shells) But i could go for a secundary build, a more aggressive build ( more range to the secundary, more fires, faster secundaries and so on). One or the other, not both.

Co-drivers are more tied up to how the damage is deliver, in the older system cause you could unlock all skills, this small differences were less noticed…
They share a lot of traits between them, almost all of them provide extra damage in a way or another e.g. And they are premade, with the skills already cooked.
If crossout prefers this model, then i think they should go a step further to differentiate them more IMO.

As is, a Grizzlie is the exactly same Grizzlie that’s on the other build, i can go for Yuki, Billie, Phobos, Falcon to get more damage.

They should specialise more each one of them for the type of build in question.
For Big chunky builds, fast builds, damage dealers, and so on.

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You might not agree with my term for them but what else would you call two different cuts of meat that you can’t taste the difference between…

I wouldn’t mind if you took a long time honestly. It’s one of those game features that I just think could add more to the game if it was better.

This is more similar to what I mentioned though I’m not saying that has to be the exact system to use.

That’s the type of thinking I was looking at when I said it might be more interesting if players could specialize what they could train in using the intel points.

Right I’m not sure if you should be able to unlock everything but even if we could reset them the different combinations and assentation’s that could be made might be more interesting. i.e. less bland.

We are still kind of agreeing about the idea with this even though we missed each other in the explanation of it some how.

Lets say I had a rocket co-driver:
then from here I put in my fields what a rocket is:
Time to launch
boom dmg
hit dmg
rate of turn

There’s a lot of these fields that we just really don’t get to interact with outside of maybe up-grades and the co-drivers we could play with them more though.

So I was thinking we could use an existing co driver then buff them more with the points so strategically I might want to do something odd like reduce the visibility to avoid countermeasures or something similar.

I really don’t mind input though as it’s not full idea yet.

Yeap, i’m not disagreeing with you.

we are only saying the same (ish) thing in different ways.

they definitely need more work

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Using the Crossout model, nothing more

But you have a rocket co-driver.

And according to your list.
Phobos, Jay, Billie , Grizzlie, Yuki, Falcon, at least if not all of them plus a multitude of different parts that will go towards your expectations.
And that’s the other problem.

1- You have co-drivers in competition with parts.

Even if you build a rocket build with parts that will go towards some items in your list, then you have to choose which co-drivers to bring with you.
All of them will work, but in very situational cases.
Almost all of them increases damage in all weapons even if theirs passive skills doesn’t contemplate a certain weapon.

Grizzlie is all about durability, but Billie offers more durability to weapons, Yuki to movement parts but wait harden tracks do the same for other tracks and Colossus do the same as Yuki but only better.

Hertz is also in competition with BFs

Which brings me to my next point.

2- Theirs skills are all over the place.
What Billie is doing with more durability to weapons, isn’t he all about going berserk and aggressive? He could have the old Fav cab perk for X seconds to increase burst damage and pass the durability to Grizzlie, Phobos gives more 5kph to armoured vehicles, he’s all about stealth… i would give that to Yuki, it would make more sense IMO. And so on.

Are you a SGunner? take Billie instead he’s all about aggression, make it or break it, it’s all or nothing

If this all thing was a PC it would appears lot of conflict messages.

Ok, you don’t want to divide things like this, you want to spread a bit between the co-drivers, but still… doesn’t have to be this competition between different things.
Movement parts
Yuki gives 10% + Colossus 20% , it’s perfect because the all thing clips at 30% ( buff maxed out, random number).
So, why don’t they give the 30% to Yuki or to the Colossus? This way they could give other skill to Yuki or other perk to the engine.

You want/need a build with more acceleration, resistance to fire/ice poodles
, faster, then take Yuki over Grizzlie ( works for all type of builds)
And so on.

Right but I was just using that one rocket one as an example of how many different paths you could maybe pull off a single codriver.

Right so you you might just reinforce a few characteristics they have via some type of leveling construct.

Yes though you could potentially have some crossovers. like say grizzly has a good default set so instead of pushing it more into defense you might go more into mobility instead because you want more speed in your tracks.

I would suspect there would have to be some consideration to the flavor of the character but out side of that we are talking about what type of skills they pick up as you the player plays with them. That’s a little different then their basic character dynamics.

Right it doesn’t necessarily have to stack in the ways we would traditionally look at doing but it could instead also make up for some of the shortfalls we often have with some of the underperforming equipment.

Like for example how do we fairly buff the tow without buffing all the other rockets at the same time?

Yeah that’s kind of why I left it a little of an open discussion…

Yeah, and I find their talents wonky at best, like even when using Jay or whatever it was when playing a long range build, I use that codriver for the accuracy buff and projectile speed, rather than using the talent or what’s it called where you get extra damage when taking long range shots. I don’t use falcon to see and target vulnerable parts, I use it for the stability of shots when moving

And there should be more codrivers so they cover more types and kinds of weapons, like a crossbow codriver finally, maybe one for cryo weapons, maybe a fire specific one rather than just cramming extra puddles to Atittylan and so on

Honestly compared to the old codrivers, I see no difference, both are wonky and left forgotten for the most part, and only buff like 5 guns and playstyles rather than all of them

Yeah there are a lot of times when I end up settling on only using part of a co-drives abilities because the rest of it doesn’t match up to what I’m trying to use.

Jay I use a lot but I’m really fond of some of the conditions to trigger or lose it’s buff. Even a shot that lands just a little too close will reset it. Attiylan (sp?) is kind of wonky as well you have to hit multiple targets to really get the ability to work. Which leaves out a lot of the weapons that could potentially work with the abilities. Hertz is cool for shields but you then get stuck using electric weapons which kind of limits it’s combos.

I’m happy they cost less then the old codrivers but I really do agree that it does still really leave out a lot of the potential combos. I’d find them a lot more useful if I could add a skill or an ability even if it’s just something simple from a common group that they all share. Having more of them probably wouldn’t hurt either, though I’m not sure if that would be needed if they could acquire new skills.

yes …we should be able to choose what we want in our co driver and have limited points to pick the things we want…but then again we have multiple weps and builds…
they could try it,i mean it wouldn’t hurt non…maybe they will,maybe they won’t///let’s see… :crazy_face:

Yeah I was thinking if they could split the skills up into 3 focuses: Mobility, Defense, Offense. Then have that common pool of skills use the left over intel to purchase the skill. Allowing the codriver to be reset skill wise and repicked would be nice too as it would just use the intel points we always end up maxing out. Alternative active abilities could be looked at much in the same way.

For example how many times have we seen Fluffy asking about getting more reverse speed. While we have an engine that gives 50% more maybe there could be a passive mobility score that gives a little more on top of that. While it might not still be full reverse speed it still something that’s a bit more then what we have currently. Some of the others I’ve seen forum posters asked for is more defense for large cannons. That could potentially be a passive defensive skill as well.

Even if a player can’t pack everything into a single codriver by setting reasonable limits the ability to customize them even just a little would greatly increase the amount of combos that could be matched up to different playstyles.

that was one of the catches.
You could reset the captain by using real money.

Germans BBs were famous for being a brawling line, but there were exceptions in their line, other lines as IJN or USS lines weren’t brawler but there were exceptions.
What we would do was use a captain for that type of ship and another one for the exceptions, so two builds.
For each ship we had one captain but we could use the same captain in several ships, every time we swapped ships we had to partially retrain the captain for the new ships ( at cost of real money or XP.)

Crossout doesn’t have this downside.

Yes, hopefully we get a shake up soon.

I don’t think the current codriver system needs to be reworked, but I do think they need to add some more soon, and keep on adding more each year.

The ones we currently have cover a bunch of types of builds and play styles, but there are still a bunch of more niche weapons and approaches that deserve a co-driver.

And while I understand the impulse to resist weapon type specific co-drivers, we have enough general ones. Having said that, it would be nice to have one that buffed reload speed, and another that buffs cooling, or maybe just one that does both.

I want a crossbow driver, a revolver driver, and a grenade driver most, but it might also be cool to have some that target specific movement types (like tracks and legs)


I generally meant using the same intel points used to train them. It doesn’t take long to rack up the 8k max and we have nothing to use it on most of the time as there aren’t constantly new co-drivers being released. The access to extra intel points beyond what is earned has already been monetized too so there’s really no need to go past that point.

We kind are stuck with a similar but different issue, where we have partial usability often and are stuck using the same co-drivers often across a number of dissimilar builds. Without the ability to customize or reset them in anyway.

That’s part of why I question if the system has to be reliant on getting new ones or if there’s a different way to cover the rest of it.

Some of them that are too specific in their types leaves them unable to turn on their active bonuses too. I generally find that as a bit of a let down across their usability. Which is why I was saying maybe give a way to have an alternative active ability. Both abilities do not necessarily have to be available at the same time. For instance perhaps the player picks the codriver for the build then selects from the list of active abilities available to that co-driver which is then saved to their build.

Given that they have introduced the intelligence resource, it suggests to me they intend to keep introducing new ones (hopefully).
I’m OK with none of them being super-effective. They should have some usefulness, but not enough to make a mediocre build become OP. If the perk only gets successfully triggered occasionally, that seems ok to me.

You are talking about the active skills, right?
Being behind them at 30 meter for 1.5 seconds while doing a pirouette to charge the skill.
I Kind of get it and i don’t at the same time.
It’s a highly dynamic game, things happen fast, and they can’t take long to not be OP, but in the other hand i find them cumbersome and hard to put in use, so i glaze over them and pay attention to the passive skills, those are more useful and easy to follow.

Drone co-driver is a good example, all i have to do is keep moving and be near them to their blue dot (over them ) stays empty, to use the Skill / Perk, if i’m at 25m /30 m or 50 m i don’t have a clue, if the dot is full that means i’m to far and i’m wasting them.

Other good example is the Aggressor cab, it’s perk is easy to follow if it’s charging or not, Echo not so much.

Fav cab, depends how your build is made, sometimes the perk is there other time no.