Co-Drivers not working correctly

It seems like many of the co-drivers are not calculating the effects correctly.

For example - The 3% mass effect is not given you the full bonus.

it’s +3% of the cab’s base stat, not the whole build.

Yes agreed. But I had a clan mate say that he had to adjust the weight on a Yoko build. But when using the new drivers Yoko should have gained a little weight.

I have not had time to test myself.

Some structure parts were adjusted, so it may be an issue of part choice, not co-driver perk.


Only tried Billie, says bonus is 6 seconds, feels more like 3…?

That makes more sense. Thank you.

Really? Damn… :slightly_frowning_face:
Didn’t get to try any out driver yet, busy with work 'till tomorrow.
I’m mainly aiming at a small build, quad Tacklers/Protectors on armored tracks/legs. Billy sounds like the one to go for. But I don’t know yet…
I wonder if any other would suit the build better?

Yeah it seems to drain insanely fast compared to Falcon, which I’m pretty sure is 6 seconds too. I’ve been using both these drivers for machine guns both pretty good.

Would it work on Caucasus? It should it. Thinking of buying them again for when I start non-chase raids again. Can’t bare to aim at the waves of annoying boring little easy cars any more.