Until now i only been using Grizzly ( I’m extremely dependent on the mass limit boost, to a point without that my builds won’t work ).
But i have, at least one build that needs more a tonnage boost than a mass limit boost, and even in builds where one have mass limit to spare, in those cases, the tonnage may come more handy because one can dismiss the cheetah and use other engine.
to a second degree, i’m also thinking on using the R2D2 co driver, i’ve seen people complaining about that particular co-driver but of what i’ve saw in this video, i think i will do fine with him.
I’m extremely agro with my drone build i’m often shoulder to shoulder with melee and SG builds to get a piece of the action or very close to the action.

Falcon is good on a lot of DPS builds. Machine guns, miniguns, autocannons.
Phobos is good for a lot of close range builds.
Those two and grizzly are the ones I use the most, but I occasionally use Jay for cannons and other long range guns, and atilan has been useful with some missile builds.
I’ve unlocked them all, but have yet to find a use for Yuki. I don’t use the drone one much either, as the only drone I play regularly aren’t buffed by it, and it doesn’t work well for turrets.

Being a full time droner in the 7k’s, I gotta be honest in saying I feel R-Type 52 is too powerful, it basically gives your drones the fusion perks without them being fused, so, when you use it with fused drones, it’s insanely powerful. Personally, I enjoy playing around with Grizzly, and I get extra tonnage from having a couple wheels fused for the tonnage perk.

Well, Yuki gives you tonnage for starters.
when i saw that video i thought in unlock Yuki.
My current heavy build has a cheetah, or better yet it’s tied to a cheetah (it gives tonnage and mass limit) but i built a colossus that i can’t use it yet (it only gives mass limit)
I’ve been playing around and experimenting in the garage for my next heavy build (only missing the freaking guns).
A colossus will come very handy, multiple tracks, so i could assign part of my my plows to other places.

A second use would be for Photon cabin, a medium cabin with decent mass limit but mediocre tonnage and there are more cabins like that, i’m planning something hot and punchy, i don’t have a design for it yet.

Her talent is weird, but for me i see possibilities using her skills.

while interesting, for me to use other co-drivers, first i need to build not relying as much in tonnage and mass limit boosts.

I play drone build at 5K, i have two designs slightly different in payload, one has 4 flying drones, the other 3 flying drones + 1 turret, so far i only play them when i need a change of pace, nothing is fused

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The drone codriver doesn’t buff flying drones, unfortunately.
For my tonnage needs, I’m more likely to try to get it from more movement parts, but Yuki could be helpful for some heavy builds.
I’ll have to give that a try!

Sssssshh, Did you see what happened to Johnny #5 in the movies? He don’t need that treatment here xD


Jay is good at giving a few weapons the bullet speed buff they need (Argument, Varun) but outside of it Jay is not really useful, the sniping perk is way too moody to keep up to any point of being usable

I’m using Grizzly a lot too, and most of my builds need Grizzly to move rather than being too heavy. Damage resistance is also nice since heavy build = beefy build so you can make good use of the damage resistance, it almost feels like you can get an Ermak or Cohort perk for free on a Humpback

Phobos gives more max speed, so I use that one a lot too, half forgot it also gave some minor stealth boosts because mostly I just need the speed boost

Don’t really feel like unlocking any of the other ones, hoping they add more codrivers soon

what kind of drones does he boosts?

Personally i think devs went too far in nerfing wheeled drones, they could be more snappy to respond, like flying drones or even turrets, but once launched the wheeled drones just stand there without reaction for a couple of seconds

Is there any other co driver that flying drones could benefit from?

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I agree. It’s a little frustrating. Even when they are getting perks from Fusion and a co-driver they sit and stare at walls for way too long, IMO.

I use Phobos or Grizzly for my Yaoguai and Vulture builds. The Phobos perk is relatively quick to charge when you’re driving through the battlefield, and the speed is useful. Grizzly is useful just for survival.

I think the drone codriver only works for wheeled drones and turrets. Unfortunately, turret players rarely hang out near their turrets, so it’s not really practical for them.

Often, i’m the most aggressive with my drone build (much more than with my SG builds) i do like mixing up the drones types, in theory and in practical use to a certain extent i’m forcing the other guy to split his fire amongst three different targets.
But wheeled drones just won’t keep up with me, and turrets are left behind.

In my case Grizzly is essential to my build, without him i’m at 19kph or about that