Codriver point exchange rate - thank you dev team!

So, before the patch I had all of codrivers XP to level 15. I had only unlocked level 15 on Jade and masterjack with resources.

With that they gave me enough points to unlock all drivers except 1 and I only need 4K more points to unlock the last one.

I think this was very fair.

Thank you dev team!


Until you realize that some people will have unlocked all codrivers and have excess intel that they can’t save because of the intel cap, and can’t keep earning intel until they spend it. So they lose out. Unless the change over intel is not calculated in the cap, and even if I have 15k intel left I can still get new intel from leveling because that 15k was reimbursement.

I guess it depends on how that works.

You will be able to unlock all drivers and still be capped out to instantly unlock new drivers.

I do understand what your saying, but they could have just messed everyone over and didn’t.

Look at the positive side :slight_smile: you “still” have all the drivers AND extra.

I think that is pretty fair to say the least.

Glad to hear that I’ll be getting good mileage from having levelled up all my codrivers, even though I haven’t spent the resources to unlock them all.
I hope I get off work early enough today to get a chance to try out some of them!

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Yeah man, I think you will be surprised.

Your most likely not going to need all the drivers anyways. And this will finally let you use what you earned to fully unlock drivers you will use.

Oh not complaining. I’mspeculating how it works.

I didn’t spend resources to max out a single old codriver. Lol. But I got enough intel to unlock six new ones.

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Hell yeah, that’s a lot for not maxing anything. Congrats.

Again, I think they where very fair on giving people points.

The only one I have to still unlock is the drone driver. I don’t really play drones, so I’m not in a hurry for that one.

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I unlocked a bunch yesterday, but didn’t have a chance to test them.
In retrospect, I wish I had only unlocked all the cheap ones, but I really wanted to try some of the expensive ones.
I wonder how long it will take me to grind out the remaining ones?

The cheep ones seem pretty good. I think many builds will use these.

The expensive ones are very specific

I agree, and I’m glad they made the most versatile ones cheap. Much more fair for players who haven’t spent years in the game.

I mostly ignored the weapon perks when choosing which to unlock, and prioritized the ones that boost speed, mass limit, tonnage, etc. I want to focus first on seeing how good I can get my handling and acceleration, and then figure out which weapons work best with the perks.

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That’s sounds like a solid plan.

I find that Grizzly is a pretty good driver for almost anything if your not looking at the perk.

You get more weight and power, and the perk activates on its own so you don’t have to worry about that.

It just seems to be a simple drive, if that makes sense.

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