Collision Mechanics

Need a rework if you ask me.
Getting bumped from behind by a car going 105 km/h while you are going 100 km/h, and instantly exploding is not fun.

Or you stop dead for no reason because you got tapped…

I’m sick of noob-friendly no skill melee

It’s pretty bad in pvp. It’s epidemic at this point. A lot of matches I play are just Borers vs Borers. I just try to make sure our Borer-guy wins at this point. They’re pretty hard to stop one on one, but if you’re really fast…you can leave your slower team-mates behind to get ground up in your place. That’s what all the cool kids are doing.

Not really, and I would suggest that the kids in faster rigs look out for our Tank-Buddies a little better.

Machine-guns seem like they are working better lately, and I’m finally getting some speed back again. I like fast, myself. Machine-guns too, so the way they have it set up right now, I am actually enjoying, mostly. I think the Borers and Saws are making a more enjoyable META than Hovers or shotguns did, considering how they have the speed and ranged weapons set presently.

They could change it all any second, I’m sure, and I’d understand if ya’ll find my opinion hard to digest. I’ve been complaining about this Borer/Small-Track thing for a looooong time, myself.

Something is always going to be the META, I think, and in PVP matches tend to revolve around that META. IMO, last night the Borer-guy was making a great anchor for our motley random groups in pvp. He’d grind up kids, provoke players, and we’d pick’em off his back. I had fun. I think we were often getting the best of “teams” that didn’t center themselves around their Melee-guy, despite them also having melee aplenty.
When I ran the Borer-build, I did not always get that support, and without it I had to rely on luck and opportunity. I usually got ambushed (no kill. Didn’t feel OP)…or I got to have my way (killed anything I could catch), if the enemy was doing an every-man-for-himself “strategy.”

IDK, they could bust out the nerf-hammer, I suppose, but I was having more fun with the health-brick melee designated captain than any of the other past META versions leading the charge. The Hover isn’t fun to play near or about (it changes directions too fast and often), nor are the turrets (damn, high-centered again), and the shotgun-wedge just raced around and pwnd everything mercilessly (team? what team?). Drones just feel like an aim-bot cheat when they are the META. Same with missiles and all those other A.I. assisted weapons. You feel burned when they are META. I do anyway.

I think I like it the way it is, but it’ll probably change soon. It always does, but what they have going on now, IMO, works for PVP. PVP is an Ace-rich environment, and just about anybody can set up a Borer-Brick and join the effort and be competitive. I think that’s good, and I don’t feel like they are that threatening to a team that plays like one (at this point)…as long as the machine-guns, go-fast, and ACs keep working.

I can’t comment on Clan Wars.

I like that collisions and melee are a big part of the game, even though I don’t play melee that much myself.

It fits the concept of the game, and stops it from being just a shooter or a driving game.
The fact that a huge part of Crossout is essentially vehicle wrestling is what makes the game unique and keeps me coming back.