Combine pvp and pve with new mode

Hey all,

probably been suggested before, but i feel as though PVE is currently stale, there’s variety which can appeal to the new player, but stick around a few months and the grind becomes increasingly repetitive,

PVP doesn’t suffer the same fate, players keep it spicy and unpredictable, it’s often a joy seeing strange, wacky and occasionally surprisngly effective innovation which inspire me more,

i would like to suggest merging the two, creating a standard new mode wherein just like with missions, the player can decide for themselves what reward they want out of it, i’d prefer the resources to be PVE so copper, plastic, electronics, ect, it should cost fuel in order to keep the current PVE from becoming completely obsolete, a imagine theres still plenty of players who enjoy it for the more casual destruction,

a starting concept for the mode: a siege style PVE + PVP mode, the AI holds a stronghold, laced with turrets, different tier enemies from the PVE pools, and a leviathan as the core,

first team to destroy the leviathan claims the site and wins,
i think players should get a single free respawn kit, but be prevented from using further repair kits so that it doesn’t end up as a pay to win mode abusing such mechanics where it becomes whoevere has the most repair kits and money ultimately wins, that would be sad,

again, sorry if it’s been posted before, otherwise, i hope you like the idea,

all feedback is welcome, happy hunting


I wish there was a new mode in pve, I do get tired of playing it, I have done over 10,000 games of pve and tried different weapons but unfortunately the balance is so bad too so for pve its only some efficient weapons and Catalina cabin left, I have suggested the balance of raids but not sure if the devs will make changes

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Their opponents are not human, and they spend money to use repairs that will eventually help you win

that’s another fair point, in hard raids all i really see is legendary grenade launchers, as if there isn’t much that actually works consistently in late game PVE,

Similar things have been proposed, and I like your spin on it. I wish the devs would do something like that.

Another suggestions has been one team plays with pre-built tiny bot builds like what’s in the raids with unlimited respawns going against a few guys in their own builds.

Multiple variations on the tower defense thing… tons of options they could do without having to really design any new parts or graphics. Just setting up rules in the game not too dissimilar to what’s in “Game Center” now.

That’s what I typically run… a fast 5 wheeled dual retcher. I’ve had other builds that can pull off hard raids repeatedly, but it’s just easier and more fun with the retchers.

I wouldn’t mind if they overhauled the current pve/pvp system

Missions be pve and they’d come in difficulties from easy, standard, and hard with rewards that match
Easy = scrap/copper Standard = batteries/wires Hard = electronics and plastic
The mission is a set of how many different missions/activities that rotate as raids do

Raids by what missions are now but the requirements to win said raid would be different and would have 3 options 1 destroy all enemies’ combatants to win 2 destroy the enemies base tower to win 3 capture the base to win

Brawls be the same but instead of normal awards you’d get part blueprints and special event resources

I had no idea PVE was as popular as it is. I’m pretty frustrated with PVP, myself, and maybe today I’ll grind some bots and see what that’s all about.

I do raids sometimes, but not often. I actually don’t play at all very often anymore. The game’s a bit wonky lately.

I would have liked to of seen the entrance to various modes, like raids, Clan Wars, and PVP, be represented by portholes in adventure mode, more like a typical RPG; you drive around in a communal PVE, and meet entrances (load-doors) to special events and various modes. If not in all cases, then at least in some. That looks like how this game was initially intended to work, and in the very beginning it basically does.

They just keep changing their agendas over and over without ever fleshing any of their ideas out very far, and instead just start a new one. It’s sloppy, I think.


Adventure has all sorts of doors on structures mixed all over the map… and the map is massive. I really wish that was the focus of the game with dozens of players allowed. In my mind, it seems like it’d be easy to do & make the game much more engaging.

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It’s been 4 years since the last major update to Adventure mode. I wish they could add some new missions to it


Anything would be better then what we have now for PvE.

They have such a great game engine but have not taken advantage of its full potential.

Their is no reason that we can’t even have PvE modes that are like epic raids in other games.