Comeback Denied

I made a post yesterday on this account after almost a year of absence, telling the community that ive been using another name because moderators kept deleting my posts., and guess what, that post got deleted.
Someone on the moderator team really seems to be biased.

I think there are rules about having multiple accounts.
So basically you told on yourself.

Would you create a new account if most of your posts got deleted for no reason at all?

I tried asking why, but all i got was silence.

I think if you thought about it for a few minutes, you might realize why some of your posts get deleted.

And i think you like to contradict people on the forum instead of being supportive like good people would do.
The problem with thinking is, you can only think about what you know, you can never fathom thoughts about what you dont know.

Of course you can, derp.

What were the deleted posts about?

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I was just saying hi im Red_shift to the community, i changed accounts awhile ago because my posts kept getting deleted.

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