Common Structure Part CKs - small details

I’d really like to see some common structure part CKs: mainly 4x4’s, 2x2, and perhaps some others. So they can match closer to some of the prestige parts of the same factions they are in.

Engineers has the Hot rod build for prestige but it hardly matches any of the base parts.
Lunitics has Bully and Moby 935 (cockpit)
I could go on but shouldn’t have too with the example…

It’s kind of my feeling there should be a way of blending these parts better into the base sets than where it was left at.

If we looked at the use of the Small Strut on the pack war machine that would probably look a lot better if it was a filled part similar to the newer part frame corner from dawn’s children. Similarly Charming preditors usage of dawn’s children’s air intake doesn’t match up to Syndicates paw parts. It would take up the same hitbox area to fill the space and look better but it doesn’t need to be necessarily a new part.

I was thinking it would be cool if we could spray some of these cosmetic fixes on like paint and have them just save to the blueprint too rather than having to apply them to the part itself as well.

I see a lot of these in the packs when looking at them and they really should be just really cheap cosmetic parts that can be picked up in one way or another…

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I would like L shape frames or H shape frames, doubt that will happen and also, decor parts PS are way to high for what they do/provide, I’d say a 30% PS reduction to all decor parts be appreciated!

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