Community Guidelines

Has anyone seen the new community guidelines posted the 31st of last month?

The thing we all agree to but don’t read :slight_smile: lol

Their are some crazy new thing in there that give BIG hints :wink: to why the old forum was shut down. Some of it is like reading a James Bond novel.
Let’s just say, things have changed around the dev team office in the last month and 1/2

lol some of that James Bond sounding stuff actually happened though in one of the other games.

Classified tank information has been leaked on 'War Thunder' forums.


@60915652 If your message has been deleted, do not post exactly the same :slight_smile:

Everything gets deleted. I can’t even remember what was posted or not.

I get like that sometimes. I’ll be like I thought I posted something but I guess I must not have posted it. lol… Hardly ever suspect that it’s because of post-be-gone spray…

Yeah, when so many posts get removed I’m like “did I post that? Or just think I did?”

The funnier thing is the posts where people are fighting stay.