Compare grinders to new wheels

Grinders are likely the biggest movement part outside of goliaths. They have comparable durability to the new wheels and weigh a lot more. They dont have good traction. They are sluggish when used on big builds. They have a low speed cap. They become unstable when you lose one of two. Their perk is all but pointless but mid PS and up.

Cant we do something to make grinders worth considering for competitive play? Let them keep their damage, give them good grip, bump up their acceleration curve a bit, bump up their dura, and give them a real perk like acceleration increase when taking dmg to movement parts. No speed increase, just a power burst, kinda like the kensei cab.


Good suggestions!

I would also be happy with a big buff to tonnage, or a power drain reduction, or a big buff to damage.

It would be nice if the damage they did was more intense. I would love if they just sheared off the wheels of any brick that sideswiped you, or removed the plow of anyone who rammed you.

I love playing grinders, but they have never really been strong, outside of a small number of builds in a narrow PS range.

Tank tracks

Power drain could just go down to pick up acceleration. Unless they give an omni-tread type of track I don’t expect these to be fast though. They could probably use some passthrough as most of the cylinder is supposed to be actually hollow that would help with durability without being unrealistic. It’s for the most part just a tube down the center of them driving the unit. It really shouldn’t matter that much if they take light bullet dmg for a while.

Honestly the meat grinders need way more love than a heat and cold resistance buff. They need to either be more mobile and do more damage, or be given some more damage resistances or just flat out hp. They are super huge and very slow, you can’t really make use of the meelee damage perk in low ps or high ps, and if you want to run any proper build with them you need 4 of them and in ps that high, your meat grinder gets shot off about as fast as a buggy wheel, because it’s just that huge of a slow moving target it’s so easy to shoot off even at it’s supposedly high hp


I agree that grinders could benefit from some adjustments to enhance their competitiveness. Improving their grip would enhance maneuverability, which is crucial for larger builds. A quicker acceleration curve could mitigate their current sluggishness, making them more responsive in combat. Increasing their durability would also bring them more in line with heavyweight movement parts like goliaths. Additionally, revising their perk to offer a significant benefit, such as temporary acceleration or damage resistance when other movement parts are damaged, similar to the Kensei cab, could add depth to their strategic use without altering their base speed.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well its same about MLs, they are ultra big, low speed, high mass.
and same about most slow movement parts

Its more easy to just nerf Titans than buff every other part.
Their perk is too good also.

I am for MLs being buffed to be 5 faster than bigrams…but to act like their size is comparable to grinders isnt legit.

well, its like telling frame 2x8 is bigger than 4x4

ML is like 4x4 and grinder like 2x8.

Both big, just different format. ML is much higher and wider, just not longer and it have BIIIG hitbox.

Hitbox is even bigger than grinder - check yourself. you can shoot with scorp between legs close and still you hit leg. It is good tho because protect inner parts, but legs can be killed easly by this.

and funny because tiny Titan have same HP as massive slow ML

You can fit 2 MLs where 1 grinder fits.

They are a little bit taller but that also allows more to be placed under the build and gives better firing angles.

ML builds also can stand to lose several legs and remain stable, unlike grinders.

MLs also can be placed sideways and frontward/backward, unlike grinders.

MLs have better grip than grinders.

Both need buffs. There is zero reason for bigrams to be faster in leg mode. They also shouldnt have 20% less energy drain. Reduce energy drain/ improve acceleration curve for legs and grinders. Tracks too, but those are currently not even worth discussing.