Compensation for lost items

Hello, I have a very interesting question for the DEVELOPERS… on your side there was a problem that coins, weapons, things, etc. disappeared for some players… after fixing this error, things were returned to people which is nice, but you gave as an apology approx. 30 packages from the shop (approx. 60k coins) - on PC…this seems like a not fair deal to the players who also invest real money in the game. I would understand that as an apology the affected players should be given a break for a couple of days. but this is quite over the line, don’t you think?

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Oh no they gave virtuals goods that have no value to someone, all the people who spent 60$ on nothing have been scammed by this move!
…It’s not like they got scammed the moment they spent 60€ for two 3d models and a paint on a beta-forever cashgrab with lying-ass devs, unstable servers and no new content besides p2w crap, right?

opens Reddit, sees 3 memes about the p2w nature of the game, 2 about the latest event being mismanaged, 2 about the dreadful balance of tracks since forever, and 1 about the ungodly lag spikes and piss-poor servers
Yeah they better start giving out free packs if they want people to play that thing.


More like investing real money for the Ceo’s of the company’s who own the IP of Crossout as little of that money goes into maintaining the game but most that does go towards the game is to extract more money from the players in paid content, I remember when we got new content for free and now 90% of it is paid wall in form of BP’s and packs. I think they like long-drawn-out BPs as it gives them time to plan out other cash grabs and like the next BPs instead of using that time to say, server upgrades and maintenance, tweaks to ongoing game balancing, or even doing so player base interactions for feedback.

I uninstalled this game, because it sucks and I needed a break is the short version, and now I found that I couldn’t log on to this site under my primary account. It was unable to send the verification code to my primary email address. I am wondering if I reinstalled, would I still have access to my primary account?

One way to find out, right?

I will, maybe, but I thought it was worth mentioning here as another possible glitch in the matrix related to this update. I’m not sure how it would be, but I thought it was odd that my email was now suddenly unreachable by Gaijin security protocols, or whoever the gatekeeper is for this site.

Smells like hacked. you stopped for long?

Nah, just a couple weeks, maybe three. I only uninstalled it because if I don’t, I’ll drive myself crazy trying to play this game despite how frustrated I am with it, and I really needed a break.

I re-installed it, and I was able to log onto the game through my primary account, but I’m not sure the inventory looked right. I need to go through it.

I’ll try logging onto the forum tomorrow. Maybe I got banned. IDK. I can be a little obnoxious, I guess.