Complete adventure rework idea !Important!

Adventure we all know what it is . Everybody when starting a battle sees the small adventure button on their screen, but will not play it. Why ? Because it is boring and you can get resources faster from normal battles.

My idea of adventure rework is :

1.) Story “adventure” missions for every faction there is in crossout.
Scavengers, Nomads, Lunatics… Every faction would have their own story missions. How the faction was created missions, some story missions about the faction which you would play. Every end of the story for each faction would end with mission where you would discover how the faction was created OR with mission where you would make something BIG and “help” faction in story line.

2.) Rewards for story mode.
How i mentioned that each faction would have story mode, each story would give you different kind of rewads. By completing each mission in story mode, you would get car part. By the end / final mission of 1 factions story, you would have their whole car and material. Lets say that for final mission in scavenger faction, you would have nice small tank car with their blue cabin, blue cannons, blue hardware… So in the final mission even if you are newbie/noob, you can finish story with the car you will “get” from each story. This parts (guns, hardware, movement parts, cabins, decorations) would be sellable/ able to sell. You will be able to keep this guns, play missions, raids, other stories with them, or use them for crafting / sell them.

3.1) Why should they rework/add more story missions ?
Ok so, when was the last time you came home after school/work and was like : “Yes ! now i’m home and let’s play adventure in Crossout”. Never. Why ? Because you can get everything from normal missions and in bigger amounts. Now adventure mode is there, I don’t play it, most people don’t play it, unless they completed all weekly missions and still want more badges for badge exchange, and that’s it.

3.2) Why should they rework/add more story missions ?
New players. Most of the new players come to crossout, watch intro/trailer, build car, press battle and wait, farm, build, farm again, build, sell/craft parts, build. After time they delete the game. Why ? 1. “It’s still the same again and again: shoot farm craft build sell.” 2. " A lot of grinding to get somewhere in the game if you don’t want to spend your IRL money." With this faction story missions, they will try every special faction and find out in the end what they liked the most. They will complete story missions in Lunatics faction, they will have nice shotgun car. If they will be bored of shotguns, they will have cannons, machine guns, energy guns… Easy said. They will find out what is the best weapon/faction for them and what they enjoy playing the most. So they will not be like : “Ah i tried weapons in exhibition i liked them, but in normal battles they are bad. I saved money for them only to discover that they are bad. Now i have to sell them, save for new one.” So new players in story missions will see the total CHAOS DESTRUCTION CAR DESTROYING ANARCHY OF EXPLOSIONS AND SHOOTING. And will find out what crossout really is.

3.3) How it will work ? When you have car, even starter car, you will be able to play faction missions where you will get better parts. After you get shotguns from Lunatics, you will get mission from lunatics : “Destroy 40 enemies with shotguns”, “Collect 300 scrap”, my point is, you will play Faction story missions, Get missions from factions that you need to complete in normal pvp, Play again story missions, again normal pvp where you will complete faction quests… So when you get shotguns, for completing story missions, you will be “forced” to try them in pvp, play again story mission, get new part (maybe cabin, hardware, wheels) then again be forced to play normal pvp with quest " Win 10 battles using light cabin (Growl)". In Final faction mission, you will have whole faction car done, material, xp in faction so you will be able to craft, experience with faction weapons, cabins, parts… Don’t like shotguns from lunatics ? No problem, you get cannons,better shotguns, energy weapons… from Other faction missions. From starter factions you will get rare cabin, weapon, wheels, hardware. From better factions for example Steppen wolves, Firestarters… you will get special cabin, special weapon, wheels, hardware…

4.) Price drops.
With this story missions and easy parts getting, where you would get rare parts, and in better factions special parts, and the avaibility to sell parts, price of parts will drop. But not so much. People will still have to craft / buy epic parts, legendary parts. Still they will have to play raids for materials, normal battles for materials :D. Exactly how is it now, but instead of new players farming and grinding until boredom, they will have nice and steady parts for their normal battles/raids.

5.) Free parts ?
Yes free parts. For new players crossout then will be : Wow i really like crossout, story missions for each faction are cool. They will discover the real BOOM BOOM, or RATATATATA… of each faction. You will hear this : " I will play cannons because i like the BOOM BOOM." “I like dawn’s children because of their energy weapons synthesis and later i will buy hovers” “Omg Firestartes are cool, you can burn somebody down”. Instead of this : “Oh, i discovered that shotguns are good weapon, but i already bought shotguns, damn”.

6.) Progression
New poeple come, play story missions, get parts, grind, play better factory story missions, sell / buy parts to upgrade his car, then play raids / missions, upgrade again, play clan war. ← Easily said. Ofcourse it will be bigger grind to have good car for clan war etc.

7.) How it will help ?
In many ways. Everybody will have parts required to complete daily missions, enough PS and strong car to play raids, parts to complete battlepass missions… Instead of playing in low powerscore with bots and waiting for battles, they will have required parts to quick start battle, how i said before : discover the real crossout chaos. It will bring even more people to crossout.

9.) What to do with adventure that is avaible now ?
Keep it. Increase rewards from side missions and story missions there. Add points to the minimap so people can quickly find side missions to complete their weekly missions. Maybe add missions where you can choose from more options, where each option will have consequences.

8.)Final thoughts.
I know people will like it. It will bring more people to crossout, help them start, show them their faction / weapons they will like. For old crossout players that grind uranium in clan war/ people that grind to get parts for clan war(experienced players) it will be small boost to help them. Ofcourse it is faster to buy battlepass/packs, but this will help too.

Hope you like this, write comment if you want. CYA


I agree with pretty much everything you just typed.
Brillian ideas.

I hope ideas like yours & others begging for an Adventure re-work prompts the devs to re-consider their decision to abandon it.

I recently posted a different use for Adventure here:
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And for IRL money opportunity, you can create additional DLC story missions, and DLC Story pack, and for this packs you will have to pay 5-15€, and will get legendaries. So for each factions additional DLC story missions from where you can get legendaries, and pack which will allow you to unlock all story missions But pack would cost around 25-75€


I don’t completely agree with just giving out free parts in a crafting game. However they could have revised the workshop bench to include more of the basic decor crafting. Similarly only offering 1 weapon type able to be generated out of the mode was also a large fail point. I would have liked to see them do a few more weapon type lines from the base 3 factions (at first) at least. If your using weapons and other items not normally available in the main game workbenches you don’t have to worry as much about part price drops.

I personally would have also swapped over the faction blueprints they offer for leveling up factions to the awakening mode as well. They would make fair rewards for story progression. Just having the 3 faction weapon lines could easily give you 12 additional blueprints to work with on top of what already exists. They could have alternate intel costs for the players that have no interest in playing the mode. Similarly there are lots of existing graphical assets on the awaking map that might make for fair mission rewards for the garage building areas.

I think a large reason they’ve put it off is because story lines can take a long while to write and even more time to animate and implement. If we expect a lot of fancy cut scenes we can probably never expect them to work on it. They more than likely really need an easier re-usable method to explain missions before we can really expect them to go along with any redo on the area. I would not be surprised if they get away with cut scenes for BP simply because they can justify them as an advertising expense.

As far as 3.3 goes I don’t think using BP like missions will really work that well. Players get really burn out on those types of missions between BPs. One of the nice things about awakening mode in general was that it was more of a traditional video game approach that was distinctly different then the rest of the game. One of the other issues is players are generally in like the grouping: Like PVP don’t like PVE, Like PVE and don’t like PVP, or completely indifferent so there always a fair risk of alienating some of them if you don’t just refer to them as simply normal game missions if that BP structure was used.

What I’d probably start with is making use the preserved change faction button and set those as friendlies in addition to engineers that are always friendly on the map. I would probably also offer a way to switch factions at while on the map. This would allow you alter the pve experience on the map from the perspective of faction membership. Then use the existing street lamp setup to vary a fair portion of type of base faction missions you’re getting the requests from. As well as adjust what area the alternate stronghold is found in. Beyond that not every faction mission needs to take place on the awakening map there is no reason not to use other maps available in the game and it shouldn’t be impossible to use the awakening as an in an active map launch point.

If you suggest stuff like that it’s pretty much all you’ll end up getting If you haven’t noticed they like to milk things that have wallets.

I mean that free story missions will give you rare / special parts, and additional DLC story missions will give you legendary. Like buying other DLC to games. And when people will see how good are story missions and what they can get, they will buy it.