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Turned Crossout into a card game. I call it Death Valley Raiders.

I am very interested in that.

I’ve made a full 52 card deck game for 2 players :slight_smile: Just need to get them printed out but I’m not in the position to pay for it, just yet. feel like helping?

Here is my help :slight_smile:

You can get card games printed cheap at the below link.

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I have a store on that site. and…coincidentally, last night I grew some balls and placed the deck on the site. I went live about 2 hours ago.

you can find it here :slight_smile:
the rule book is sold separately here

I still can’t afford to print the stuff. not one at a time. I’m hoping to drum up funds to print in bulk batches. You can see, if you go to the site, it costs about 20 bucks just to print one deck, THEN, its 10 bucks shipping for the one deck. So, if I’m going to be able to do this, I gotta buy in bulk, and that’s not possible just yet.