Concerns about the new co driver system

so why make the co driver system requirements specific when some of us if not most got our co driver systems maxed so why do we now first have to go to engineer lvl 30 before we can recieve intel
or is this a way to chase away players the old co driver system took alot of time and resources to max now u wana waste time by making people work again to get the new co driver system i mean its not a grind im looking forward to im already grinding as it is by farming for relics

Yeah would be good to get intel on the way to level 30 so that when you get there you can choose at least 2 to unlock when you get there, it’ll add an incentive too

As soon you hit level 30 you will be instantly given enought intel for atleast a singular co-driver according to what the devs said.

would not say 2 is more appropriate? by level 30 you’ll have multiple builds plus if they plan to add more drivers then just 1 is a bit trashy

You realize what we unlocked in the old codrivers will be compensated and we will use that compensation to unlock the new codrivers right? You didn’t? Ok. Well now ya do.

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That’s like trading a watermelon for a grape and calling it a good deal.

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We are going to get points. But sadly I agree with the above statement.

We will not know till they add it, but even if you have everything unlocked, we have a pretty good chance it will not be enough to unlock everything in the new system.

That part doesn’t seem like an issue if we end up having a lot more buffs to choose from on the new codrivers. I think your overspeculating. You seem a little stuck in a negative mindset about things always.

They told us roughly what the exchange will be like. “1 fully unlocked co-driver for 1 new co-driver” however they don’t tell anyone how much the resources for the unlock’s for 5,10,15 is worth in exchange.

For 2 of mine I’ve just not paid in the cost for 15’s resources but otherwise have the reputation points to get it. For 1 more I’m partially through the reputation needed for 15. For 2 more I’m partially through the reputation needed for 13…

So I go from 5 working codrivers with bonuses that I liked to a lesser unknown quantity based on the limited exchange info they gave. I’ll probably be lucky if I get 2 or 3 of them out of this if I’m lucky, no matter how someone tries to sell it I’m walking away with less then I had. As before I got some good bonuses even if it wasn’t completely paid in for.

As far as the quality goes we’re only getting only 3 passives out of 15 (some stacking) which are neither that great or large for each new co-driver. Most of the new ones don’t equate to what the old system did. The only large return is via the active talent which isn’t always in a active state. In most cases I’d rather have a +5 dmg always on then a 15% that’s a maybe sometimes if you jump through a hoop first and only if the conditions are right. As I’m losing out on other passives while it’s not active.

What your saying though is be happy, they are took that watermelon deal that grape is great. While they are now going to slice it up and sell it back to you now for more than it cost of original watermelon. Again your like just be happy, it’s a great deal now I have a grape and some day older watermelon. SMH…