Confrontation ceiling was lowered

which is a good thing , BUT why not communicating on that? that would be good PR , like they should have communicated when they increased helicopter pvp rewards…
why , when they do something right , don t tell anyone about it ?


My clan can finally do it now. I raised the requirements to 500 confrontation or 500 activity which is still not asking for much so reaching famous status is doable now. I cycles thru more players a week than you can shake a stick at but that is the way I set the clan up as a open source clan for randoms/newbs so anyone can join so there are never any inactive players in the clan. Despite having a clan full of active players we still couldn’t reach famous status until now so the requirements they had before was pretty steep.

My clan never even makes renowned… :sob:

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i think they need to raise the member cap to 30 honestly. some clans cant even make it up that high. having more members would be a good thing.

I’m trying to drop people who aren’t active, so we can replace them with more active players. I am surprised how many occasional players there are in Crossout! Lots of people who seem to just play a little bit every few weeks.

Whether they’re likable or not isn’t based on what they say, it’s based on what they do
besides, that this change seems like there’s little need to tell players compared to the previous badge quest changes,if I were them, I might not feel too good about saying it out loud