Confrontation score color meaning

Anyone know why we have white and green numbers for our 5 scores, whats the difference? Some members have all white, some all green, some mixed.

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I was wondering this myself.

Is it “Clan Wars” scores?

I don’t currently play CWs and all my scores are white. Other people in our clan do have a mix of white and green.

I’m not sure this is the answer, but it’s my working theory on it.

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That’s a possibility for sure, will keep an eye on it. Just throwing a thought out there also, it could also be your oldest best score that will expire and get replaced with a new score so you can continue to get scores rather being +0 more often than not. Still trying to understand the scoring.

Edit: I just checked, my clan wars battles is 0. Using your idea however it could be the difference between pvp missions and confrontation?

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I figured it out.

The green numbers are new high scores.

If the player has a green up arrow next to their name then they will also have new green numbers.

The next day these turn white unless new high scores replace them.

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Was hoping there would be more meaning to it than that :laughing:

Good find!

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Yeah, I was hoping the same thing. :slight_smile:

But it’s still a nice added feature.

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