Can someone tell me a couple of things please…
Can you only score damage points in the time confrontation is active?
How do you know what the activity level is?
What does the green arrow mean next to your name in clan stats?
Sorry but never played clan b4

yes, you can only advance your rank and gain points for your band / clan when your in confrontation mode. the mechanics of clan wars and clan confrontation are kind of the same but also different. they have their own separate rankings. so clan confrontation is different then clan wars.
basically clan wars = competing for uranium and rank to get uranium at the end of the week. you can earn reputation based on wins in this mode for clan wars rankings only. also you can only earn uranium in this mode. the higher your rank, the more uranium you can earn in a week, depending on if you win.
clan confrontation = raising your rank to get more weekly challenges. no uranium is rewarded. it is just a mode that prepares you for clan wars. basically a practice mode. clan confrontation only gains reputation through clan confrontation mode.

it should say in your clan tab in your info.

i havent been in clans for a long time so idk. and i just left my band so im waiting till i can enter a band / clan again. if you leave a clan / band you have to wait 3 days and that means all your clan challenges go inactive until you join another clan. you cant complete them or make any kind of progress in them until you join another.

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Thanks for that info

So if you’re playing a mission, say wires, it says part of confrontation, so if time is up until next confrontation does the damage score still count or do you only get it while confrontation is in its time
Soz I’m so confused :confused:

I’ve sussed it at last

I’m getting confused between confrontation and clan challenges…so point scored in missions count towards challenges :neutral_face:

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im unsure as it is a bit new. try experimenting around with it and see. i cant check right now because i cant join a clan for another day.

im unsure what you mean. but ill say this.

badge challenges open up as you increase your clan confrontation rank.
you advance your challenges:
deal 300,000 points of damage in any mode
win 20 raids

by doing any mode, pvp, pve / raids or clan confrontation or clan wars. any of these contribute to your weekly challenges. however there are clan specific challenges that only apply to clan wars and clan confrontation.
kill 700 enemies in clan confrontation
kill 800 enemies in clan wars.

each of these are shared between everyone in your clan. if you contribute, lets say you deal 5000 damage in 1 match of raids then it will count that 5000 damage into your weekly challenges that have to do with dealing damage. then lets say your team mate did 10,000 points of damage in a match and your challegne is “deal 50,000 points of damage in any mode”, well it will take the 10k and your 5k and add them together so yourve done 15k / 50k damage so far.

clan confrontation RANK can be gotten by participating in clan confrontation and the higher in rank you go the more challenges you unlock.

however… this system is flawed in many ways.
first you cant solo any of these because it isnt solo friendly.
you must have active members.
you must contribute each week to get activity points or you dont get badge rewards.
you must keep your band / clan ranking up by doing clan confrontation each week.
if you leave, disband or are kicked from a clan / band then you need to wait 3 days before joining another clan / band.
in the time your not in a clan / band because of waiting the 3 days, the weekly missions cannot be done and cannot be touched. so unfortunately your stuck with dailies until that timer expires and you find another band / clan.

its not that good really…

Keep in mind that something is broken right now for some of us, and nothing we do is being counted towards clan challenges.
So if you’re not seeing anything moving, that might be why.

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