Confusing builds

It doesn’t feel irrational to have a heavy-hitting weapon on a lightweight build, but at the same time it is irrational.

don’t think too deep about it. it’s a fantasy/sci-fi world.


Crossout is not the real world.

Nah… it works. Makes sense. Think of the A10 Warthog. The whole premise is a giant cannon on a plane too small to carry it!

There’s an Asian nation (sorry, I forget which one) that has a shallow draft boat with a Rheinmettal tank cannon mounted on it designed to patrol shallow rivers, lakes & shorelines.

They’re hilarious AND real!


It’s Indonesia… look up Indonesian Tank Boat.


Thank you for bringing this to me. Its beautiful.


I know it’s not a real world, but the builds just doesn’t feel right.

A10… a lil plane mounted on a gun. LOL

No get it right, that is a bathtub mounted to a gun, and given some wings. that shoots 30mm death from a washing machine company.